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 Retail, POS Integration with IDoc Size Control


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SAP Enhancement Package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0

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You can use this business function to improve the performance of the POS outbound in a Retail system by configuring the IDoc size. The maintenance of the IDoc size works in the same way for all types. However, only a subset may be implemented in a productive environment.



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POS Integration with IDoc Size Control

An additional customizing switch is available:

  • Sales and Distribution -> POS Interface -> Outbound -> Setting POS Outbound IDoc Size

With POS Outbound IDoc Size Control the maximum number of segments per IDoc can be configured. Thus, the message size can be tuned, according to middleware and performance requirements. The performance of the ERP system can be weighed against the performance of all systems receiving the messages.

The following ERP for Retail POS Outbound IDocs can be size controlled:

  • WP_PLU – POS Interface: Download Article Master

  • WP_EAN – POS Interface: Download EAN Assignments

  • WP_PER – POS Interface: Download Person Data

  • WPDSET – POS Interface: Download Set Assignments

  • WPDCUR – POS Interface: Download Exchange Rates

  • WPDNAC – POS Interface: Download Products

  • WPDWGR – POS Interface: Download Material Group Master

  • WPDBBY – POS Interface: Download Bonus Buy Conditions

  • HPR Assortment List (WBBDLD)

The system provides a maintenance screen which allows you to adjust values for the maximum number of IDoc segments. If a POS outbound IDoc does not have a limit maintained, the standard value (5000 segments per IDoc) is used.