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 Retail, Continuous Improvements EA


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SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 4

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Retail (EA-RET)

This business function enables you to use various new or improved functions.

  • Allocation (usage of vendor assortment and store-specific data storage when creating purchase orders from allocation processes, new splitting criteria for follow-on documents generated from allocations, vendor subrange as new grouping criterion): Purchasers can use this to process vendor master data at the level of vendor subranges and of (supplied) stores and they can take account of various arrangements with vendors. The data of the various levels is also used for purchase order generation. In addition, the user now has the option of splitting by vendor subrange in the allocation-table follow-on document generation Purchase Orders.

  • Global Data Synchronization / Consignment: Reduced effort in master data processing due to the creation of consignment purchase info records and consignment prices directly from GDS, processing need no longer take place subsequently and manually in master data processing.

  • Article discontinuation (improved process): The processing effort for the user is reduced significantly in this area as deletion of replenishment data and bills of material has been simplified.

  • High Performance Retailing (HPR) / Assortment list: Buffering of store-specific sales data (new buffering logic): New indicator allows deactivation of buffering for store-specific sales data, which greatly improves performance – especially with users who work with large quantities of distribution chain or store-specific data.

  • Retail-specific personal worklist: Promotion – portal application with overview of current and planned promotions, monitoring and triggering of follow-on processes (activation of promotion-specific price conditions, notifications, creating allocations, etc.).

  • Retail-specific personal worklist: Prices and conditions – The price planner now has the facility, from within a portal application, to start the most important business processes, such as display of all information on purchase order and sales conditions, and creating and processing conditions.

  • Retail-specific personal worklist: Article – Portal application for all work in the area of article master data.


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As of Business Package Retail Powerlists, Release 1.40


In order to use this business function, you must have activated the business function EA-RET.







Enhancements in Allocation

  • Facility to use the vendor subrange as an additional grouping criterion when generating follow-on documents from within the allocation table

  • Facility to have the Enjoy purchase order generated as a follow-on document from within the allocation table.

Global Data Synchronization / Consignment

Enhancement of the existing transactions for transferring article data from catalogs (W_PRICAT_MAINTAIN and W_SYNC) to include the facility to process consignment information such as the identification of an article as a consignment article, and also to process consignment prices:

  • Option for processing consignment prices that can be transferred for the article

  • Automatic creation of consignment purchase info records with the related consignment prices.

Article discontinuation, Replenishment, Bills of Material

  • Replenishment data is deleted following a store-specific article discontinuation

  • Bills of material too can be deleted automatically using a new follow-on function in the discontinuation process

  • When discontinuing generic articles with dependent prepacks, the user can decide if the prepacks are to be added automatically to the discontinuation worklist and then discontinued.

High Performance Retailing (HPR) Assortment List: Buffering of Store-Specific Sales Data

  • New indicator allows deactivation of buffering for store-specific sales data.

Retail-Specific Personal Worklist: Promotion, Prices and Conditions, Article

The worklist can be called up by way of the SAP NetWeaver Portal.


  • Processing of all information on existing promotions

  • Creating Promotions

  • Changing or deleting existing promotions and the related info records and conditions.

  • Carrying out promotion follow-on processes

Prices and Conditions

  • Portal application with a user-friendly overview of all purchase order and sales conditions, and the facility to create, change, and process conditions.


  • Portal application for all tasks in the master data area: Creating and processing overview of all master data, articles and related info records.