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 Project System


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SAP Enhancement Package 3 for SAP ERP 6.0

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You can use this business function to provide the Project System with a clearer, more efficient layout. You can use extended and user-friendly planning and progress check tools for processing projects. New customer interfaces enable you to flexibly customize project management to meet your requirements. The assignment of access authorizations is also flexible. The multilingual short texts of PS objects supports international projects.



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For information about the Customizing settings for this business function, see the Release Note for each function.


Release Note

Project Builder

OPS_PS_CI_1: Business Function Project System (New) (PS_603_OPSPS1_BS1)


OPS_PS_CI_1: ProMan Enhancements (PS_603_OPSPS1_BS2)

Forecast Workbench

OPS_PS_CI_1: Forecast Workbench (PS_603_OPSPS1_BS3)

Progress Tracking

OPS_PS_CI_1: Progress Tracking (Extended) (PS_603_OPSPS1_BS4)

Easy Cost Planning

OPS_PS_CI_1: Easy Cost Planning (New) (PS_603_OPSPS1_BS5)

Access Control List

OPS_PS_CI_1: Access Control List (PS_603_OPSPS1_BS6)

Progress Analysis Workbench

OPS_PS_CI_1: Progress Analysis Workbench (PS_603_OPSPS1_BS8)

Business Add-Ins for Calculation in the Project System

OPS_PS_CI_1: Business Add-Ins for Calculation in the Project System (PS_603_OPSPS1_BS9)

Project System Material Component

OPS_PS_CI_1: Project System Material Component (PS_603_OPSPS1_BS11)

Change Inherited Settlement Rules

OPS_PS_CI_1: Change Inherited Settlement Rules (New) (PS_603_OPSPS1_BS12)

BI Content

Project System


Project Builder
  • You can call up archived projects for viewing.

  • When processing a project, you can save the changed data without exiting the project.

  • You can manage statistical key figures on an additional tab page.

  • You can choose how many recently-processed projects should be displayed.

  • You can create collective purchase requisitions.

  • You can manage short and long texts in multiple languages for the following PS objects (multilanguage support):

  • Project definition

  • WBS element

  • Activity/operation

  • Network

  • Milestone

  • Integration of progress tracking for material components

  • Additional tab page for customer enhancements

  • Changing of material assignments using drag and drop

  • Grouping of materials and external services to a single purchase requisition

You can use ProMan to display all procurement-related data and documents for a specific object in different overviews. Information of the procurement process is consolidated from different applications - for example, the Project System, Materials Management, and Production Planning and Control.

In these ProMan overviews, you can run various procurement-related functions; for example, you can create an order for a purchase requisition, post a goods issue for network components, transfer stock, and so forth.

Forecast Workbench

You can create forecasts for the following objects:

  • WBS element

  • Network activity

Progress Tracking

In this business function, progress tracking is also available for the following PS objects:

  • Network activities

  • Work breakdown structure elements

Progress tracking enables you to track the progress of work breakdown structure elements and network activities by means of deadline information, priorities, and statuses of assigned events. You can manually enter the data, or have the system calculate the data from existing system data.

Easy Cost Planning

In this business function, you can use Easy Cost Planning also for network activities and individual activity elements.

Access Control List

You can use an access control list to assign authorizations for the following PS objects:

  • Project definition

  • WBS element

  • Network

  • Activity/operation

  • Activity elements

You can assign the following authorizations:

  • No Authorization

  • Read

  • Edit

  • Administration

Three user types are available:

  • Single users

  • User group

  • Organizational unit

The access control list is displayed on a new tab page for each PS object. You can specify whether the system should pass on access rights. You can use the menu option Delete Access Control List (transaction CNACLD) to display and delete all access control lists of a project.

Progress Analysis Workbench

You can display the result of the query in the standard layout or the confirmation layout. These layouts can be shown as a table or a tree structure.

The milestone POCs of a project are displayed in a separate column.

When the data is exported to Microsoft Excel tables, the PS object types have descriptive names.

Status changes made in projects can be temporarily stored in the progress analysis workbench.

After a Microsoft Excel file is uploaded, the system issues a log with all data that could not be uploaded.

Business Add-Ins for the Calculation in the Project System

The following Business Add-Ins are available:

  • Customer-specific Prices for Cost Planning of Networks: BADI_ACT_PRICE_CK

  • Adjustment of the CO Version for Storing the Planned Costs of Networks: BADI_NW_CO_VERS_CK

Material Component

Item category C is now available for material components that you assign to network activities using a catalog. Material components with item category C cannot be copied.

You can assign delivery address also to material components that do not have the procurement type third-party purchase requisition. A new button is available in the tabular component overviews for this purpose.

You can use a field selection to determine which fields should be displayed in the component overview, and in the detail view.

You have the option of adding a new tab page for the detail view of material components, where you can add customer-specific fields.

Settlement Rules

By regenerating the settlement rules, you can change settlement rules that were automatically generated for a WBS element. The WBS_SETTLEMENT_RULE BAdI includes the GET_TEMPLATE method for this purpose.

Performance improvement through allocation of status combinations

You can assign a combination of statuses to a project. This speeds up the creation of reports because the system only needs to search in one status table instead of two. In the Implementation Guide (IMG), you can configure which statuses are possible and which priority should be used to assign those statuses. From the SAP Easy Access menu choose Start of the navigation path Project System Next navigation step Structures Next navigation step Operative Structure Next navigation step Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)/Network End of the navigation path.

WBS Account Assignment at MRP Area Level

The Implementation Guide now includes the IMG activity Determine WBS Account Assignment at MRP Area Level (TPS_MRP_AREA_PSP). In this IMG activity, you use the WBS Account Assignment at MRP Area Level indicator to control the planning of MRP elements that are assigned to projects in the Project System and in which there are storage location MRP areas.

BI Content

The following extractors are available for BI Content:

  • Extractor for statistical key figures for network, network activity, and activity element

  • Extractor for data from the customer fields for project definition, WBS element, network, network activity, and activity element

  • Extractor for data from the user fields for WBS element, network activity, and activity element

  • Extractor for Easy Cost Planning data and the customer fields for WBS element, network activity, activity element, and claims

  • Extractor for language-dependent short texts