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 REA, Environmental Product Reporting and Lean Data Entry

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SAP Enhancement Package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0

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Recycling Administration (IS-REA)

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REA, Recycling Administration (J_7L_REA_CORE)

With this business function, you can set up sustainability reporting for packaging information in Recycling Administration (REA) that complies with external requirements for environmental reporting. In addition, there are SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW) extractors that make REA data available for customer-specific evaluations in BW.

The handling of REA master data has been simplified: On the basis of a Web-based interface (Web Dynpro ABAP) and REA-specific portal roles, you can perform the classic tasks for managing (creating, changing, and displaying) master data in REA using optimized work steps, thus minimizing your workload for master data management. You can also trigger automatic workflow events in the declaration report.

You can already use REA to meet the environmental reporting requirements, which are specified by law in many countries. Additional North American states have been newly added.


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Note Note

PDF-based print forms are set up as standard in the output routines for creating declarations for your recycling partner. To improve handling, you can exchange the existing Smart Forms for PDF-based print forms. For more information about this exchange, see SAP Note 1344918.

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Note Note

The display of the Web-based interface in Web Dynpro ABAP is dependent on the browser you are using.

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The functions of the business function REA, Environmental Product Reporting and Lean Data Entry are fully integrated in Recycling Administration and include the following:

Sustainability Reporting for Packaging Information

  • This is a new sustainability report with which you can create detailed lists of important REA data according to the type and quantity of each of the packaging materials used and the articles delivered, and make them available to third parties.

  • The sustainability report is predefined to contain many required items of information available in REA. This sustainability report can be adapted using implementations to include customer-specific fields.

  • A number of BW extractors are available for further evaluations.

Lean Data Entry

  • Working with a clearly structured Web-based interface (Web Dynpro ABAP) to manage the central master data functions in REA

  • Four predefined portal roles, with their respective fields and functions, that define a specific task profile:

    • Superadministrator Master Data

    • Person Responsible Master Data

    • Compliance Manager

    • Financial Accountant

  • A new function to analyze the declaration log file and the option of triggering workflow events

Legal Enhancements for North America

  • New recycling partners (compliance schemes) for the U.S. state of California and the Canadian provinces British Columbia and Ontario

  • New recovery document type to be able to declare recovered recycling quantities

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