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 Integration of Production Processes with an MES 2


Technical Data

Technical Name of Business Function


Type of Business Function

Enterprise Business Function

Available From

SAP enhancement package 6 for SAP ERP 6.0

Technical Usage

Central Applications

Application Component

Integration with Manufacturing Execution Systems (PP-MES)

Required Business Function

Integration of Production Orders with an MES (LOG_PP_MES_INT_01)

Integration of Production Processes with an MES (LOG_PP_MES_INT_02)

Incompatible Business Function

Not relevant

You can use this business function to enhance the integration between the ERP processes in discrete and repetitive manufacturing with an MES and add further functions to your manufacturing solution.


As of SAP enhancement package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0 (SAP_APPL 605), you can use the data replication framework (DRF) for the integration between SAP ERP and an MES. The DRF allows you to transfer large volumes of data quickly and helps improve the consistency of the production data. To use this feature, activate the business function Integration of Production Processes with an MES (LOG_PP_MES_INT_02).

In addition, you must activate the business function Integration of Production Orders with an MES (LOG_PP_MES_INT_01).


  • You have installed the following components as of the version mentioned:

    Type of Component


    Required for the Following Features Only

    Software Component



The following functions are available:

Plant Maintenance

In plant maintenance, you can use the integration between ERP and an MES in the following areas:

  • Maintenance order

    You can use the maintenance order to integrate Enterprise Asset Management with an MES. Planned or unplanned equipment downtimes can be monitored through the maintenance order. If changes are made to a maintenance order that contains MES-relevant equipment, it is distributed upon release according to the filter criteria defined in the DRF.

    For more information, see Maintenance Order.

  • Equipment

    For more precise maintenance of your production machines, you can now transfer equipment and information about the measuring points to an MES. Integrating the measuring points in the MES provides you with more precise information about operating times, allowing you to monitor maintenance intervals more easily and respond faster in the event of machine outage, for example. Any changes made to the data are also synchronized by the standard DRF functions.

    For more information, see Equipment.


As of enhancement package 6, material master data can be distributed using the DRF in the standard system. To support MES integration, MES-specific filter criteria have been added to the standard distribution.

For more information, see Material.


If you want to confirm production orders in your discrete manufacturing processes, the automatic goods receipt for co-products is now also supported in conjunction with an MES. The attribute for co-products and the indicator for automatic goods receipt must be set for the material.


To optimize the configuration of system communication between ERP and MES, particularly with an SAP ME, the following new roles are now available for the service user and are grouped under the composite role SAP_PP_MES_SERVICE_USER:

  • SAP_PP_MES_SHOP_FLOOR_DISCRETE – Single role for all authorizations for discrete manufacturing with a production order and the corresponding master data. This role also simplifies the confirmation process.

  • SAP_PP_MES_SHOP_FLOOR_REM – Single role for authorizations for repetitive manufacturing

  • SAP_PP_MES_PLANT_MAINTENANCE – Single role for authorizations for maintenance integration

For more information, see Role Documentation.