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 Enhancements for Header Data Creation


With this feature, you can control how the system automatically creates the header data for product structures, and you can specify the plant and usage that the system uses for creating the header data in Customizing.

Note Note

The usage and plant that you enter when you create or change a product structure on the PLM Web UI override the values that are defined in Customizing.

The usage and plant can also be specified in the User Settings on the PLM Web UI. The Customizing settings override the values that are entered here.

The usage and plant you define in the Define Settings for Product Structure Customizing activity override the plant and usage you define in the Customizing activities for user settings.

End of the note.

Technical Details

Technical Name of Product Feature


Product Feature Is


Country Dependency

Valid for all countries

Software Component Version

  • PLMWUI 747

  • PLMWUI 748

Application Component

PLM-WUI-OBJ-PSM (Product Structure and Assembly Management)


  • SAP Enhancement Package 7(SP12) for SAP ERP

  • SAP Enhancement Package 8(SP02) for SAP ERP

Required Business Functions

/PLMU/IPPE_INT_5 (PLM, Product Structure and Assembly Management 5)

Effects on Customizing

The relevant settings are available in the following Customizing activities under Start of the navigation path Logistics - General Next navigation step Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Next navigation step PLM Web User Interface Next navigation step Objects in PLM Web UI Next navigation step Product Structure and Assembly Management End of the navigation path:

  • Define Settings for Product Structure

  • BAdI: Control of Header Data Creation