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 EWM Integration


Technical Data

Technical Name of Business Function


Type of Business Function

Enterprise Business Function

Available as of

SAP enhancement package 6 for SAP ERP 6.0

Technical Usage

Central Applications

Application Component

Logistics and Accounting (SCM-BAS)

Extended Warehouse Management Integration (LE-IEW)

Quality Management - Control in Procurement (QM-PT-RP-PRC)

Batch Management (LO-BM)

Materials Management (MM)

Prerequisite Business Function

LOG_SCM_CUSTVEND_INT (CIF: Business partner integration)

With this business function, you can use enhancements for transferring data using CIF in the vendor block, in the settings for QM in procurement in the material master, in the QM control key, and in batch classification.


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Transfer of a Vendor Block to an EWM System

The settings for the blocking function are transferred from the vendor master in the ERP system to the EWM system by means of CIF. The goods receipt posting for a specific vendor can be prevented with this transfer.

Transfer QM Control Key and Indicator for QM in Procurement

The QM Procurement Active indicator and the QM control key are transferred to the EWM system from the material master of the ERP system.

The goods receipt posting for a specific material can be prevented with this transfer.

Batch Classification

The batch classification, that is, the class and class type, is transferred to an EWM system by means of CIF. This makes it possible to create a batch as initial in the EWM system.

Change Transfer for Master Data

For the fields given above, changes are transferred to the CIF if you have activated the general CIF functions, if you have selected the checkboxes for the message types CIFMAT and CIFVEN in Customizing under Start of the navigation path Integration with Other SAP Components Next navigation step Extended Warehouse Management Next navigation step Basic Settings for Data Transfer Next navigation step Change Transfer for Master Data Next navigation step Activate ALE Change Pointers for Message Types End of the navigation path, and have also activated the business function.

Note Note

Moreover, via the business function, you can set change pointers for the fields Inspection Interval, Material Type, and Shelf Life Expiration Date.

In the standard system, the fields are transferred with the material master data. If you want to set change pointers specifically for the fields, you need to activate the business function.

End of the note.

Note Note

If you have selected the transfer type Business Transaction Events (BTE), CIF is still chosen, for technical reasons, for the transfer of the batch classification as well as the QM control key and the setting for QM in procurement in the material master.

End of the note.

More Information

For more information about data transfer using CIF, see the SAP Library for SAP SCM Server under published on SAP site. In the documentation for SAP SCM Server, choose Start of the navigation path SCM Basis Next navigation step Integration via Core Interface (CIF) End of the navigation path.