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Background documentationArchiving of Claim Bundles


You can use archiving object ICLECCEVT to archive claim bundles. This means:

  • You can archive claim bundles in archiving files.

  • You can delete these claim bundles in the database tables.


ILM-Specific Information

Note Note

The prerequisite for using SAP Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) for archiving object ICLECCEVT is that you have activated the business functions ILM and INS_FSCM_ILM_1.

End of the note.

The ILM object ICLECCEVT is assigned to archiving object ICLECCEVT (technical names are the same). In the ILM object ICLECCEVT, you enter the retention rules for the claim bundle. Since a claim bundle is only a grouping of claims, there are no time references or condition fields that are specific to a claim bundle. Instead the system uses the time references and condition fields of the assigned claims (see Archiving of Claims).

Caution Caution

For reasons of compatibility, once you have used the ILM, you are no longer able to use the Archiving Engine (transaction AR_ENGINE) to archive claim bundles. You can only use the standard transaction SARA. To enable parallel processing, there are now two application types in the Parallel Processing Framework:

  • ICLE_PRE (Analysis Phase of Archiving Object ICLECCEVT)

  • ICLE_WRI (Writing Phase of Archiving Object ICLECCEVT)

End of the caution.

Before a claim bundle can be archived, it must fufill the residency requirements (these are defined in the archiving scenario configuration for Archiving Engine). In addition, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

  • Valid for all categories of the claim bundle type: The claim bundle is closed.

    Note Note

    Here, the system does not check whether the claim bundle has status 2 (Closed), but that the indicator STHANDLER is not set in table ICLCLAIM (meaning that claims processing must not be active).

    End of the note.
  • Only valid for the category of claim bundle type Collective Subrogation: In addition, the system checks here whether the collective subrogation has been settled. Only if this is the case can you archive the collective subrogation.

You can also define own checks by using the Archiving Factory to create and configure a check module.

Variant Settings for Writing

The standard selection options are available for archiving object ICLECCEVT.

Display Archived Claim Bundles

You can view archived claim bundles in display mode (for example, using transaction ICLET03 for general claim bundles, or transaction ICLEMC03 for claim bundles in the category of Multiple Contract Processing). The title line contains the addition “Archived”.