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 Material Segmentation in Purchasing Documents


With this business function, you can logically segment materials based on certain attributes, for example, Quality and Customer segment in the following purchasing documents:

  • Request for Quotation

  • Quotation

  • Scheduling Agreement

Technical Details

Technical Name of Product Feature


Product Feature Is


Country Dependency

Valid for all countries

Software Component Version

SAP_APPL (617) SP7

Application Component

MM-PUR-RFQ (RFQ/Quotation)

MM-PU-OA (Outline Purchasing Agreements with Vendors)

MM-PUR-OA-SCH (Scheduling Agreement)

Available as of

SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 7 Support Package Stack 07

Required Business Functions


Material Segmentation Across Logistics 2 (BF_LOG_Segmentation_02

Effects on Existing Data

The user interface for the following transactions have been reworked to include the new parameter Stock Segment (SGT_SCAT). You can use this parameter to assign a segmentation value to a stockable item.

The following table lists the transactions and the relevant program/screen in which the new parameter is added.


SAP Program/Screen

UI Element

ME41, ME42, ME43



ME47, ME48



ME31L, ME32L, ME33L



Output PDF Forms

The following PDF forms are enhanced to support the requirement segment, stock segment, or both:

  • MEDRUCK_PO (requirement segment and stock segment)

  • MEDRUCK_CONTRACT (stock segment)

Note Note

You have to maintain the processing routine settings for these forms in transaction NACE.

End of the note.
  • INVENT (stock segment)

  • INVENT_VKBW (stock segment)

Note Note

You can view the output of the PDF forms INVENT and INVENT_VKBW, using the program RM07IDRU. If you have to view the output in the PDF formation, you have to activate the switch TERPSOFTSWITCHES. If the switch is not activated, you only can view the output in the SAP scripts format.

End of the note.

Effects on Customizing

You make Customizing settings for this function in Customizing for Logistics - General, under the following:

  • Start of the navigation path Segmentation Next navigation step Define Segmentation Structures End of the navigation path

  • Start of the navigation path Segmentation Next navigation step Define Segmentation Strategies End of the navigation path

See also

For more information about material segmentation, see SAP Library on SAP Help Portal under Start of the navigation path SAP ERP Next navigation step SAP ERP Central Component Next navigation step Logistics Next navigation step Logistics - General Next navigation step Segmentation (LO-SGT) End of the navigation path.