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 Simplified Management of EAM Functions


Technical Data

Technical Name of Business Function


Type of Business Function

Enterprise business function

Available From

SAP enhancement package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0

Technical Usage

Central Applications

Application Component

SAP Plant Maintenance (PM)

Business Package for Maintenance Worker 1.50 (EP-PCT-MAN-MW)

Required Enterprise Extension

PLM Extension (EA-PLM)

Required Business Function

Not relevant

This business function provides users with new portal content that they can use to more easily and efficiently create and manage data in the Plant Maintenance (PM) component. Object Instance Floorplans (OIFs) provide a standardized user interface that supports user activities and serves as a basis for customer-specific roles.

The following business packages are available with this business function:

  • Business Package for Maintenance Workers 1.50 with the "Maintenance Worker" role

  • Business Package for Generic EAM Functions 1.50

These two business packages contain several functions that you can use in a variety of ways:

  • SAP NetWeaver Portal (with portal role)

  • NetWeaver Business Client for HTML (with PFCG role)

  • NetWeaver Business Client (with portal role and PFCG role)

Note Note

This business function must be activated for the portal content to function correctly.

End of the note.


Note the following dependencies between this business function and the Defense Forces & Public Security (EA-DFP) enterprise extension. If you are using Plant Maintenance with the software component EA-DFPS, you should not activate the LOG_EAM_SIMPLICITY business function.

A large number of checks are currently implemented on the user interface in the EA-DFPS software component. These checks do not yet run for all the new interfaces that are launched when the LOG_EAM_SIMPLICITY business function is activated. This can lead to data inconsistency when using the software component EA-DFPS and the maintenance worker role at the same time.

For more information, see SAP Note 1410106Information published on SAP site.


You have installed the following components with the version mentioned or higher:

Component Type


Only Required for the Following Functions

Software component


Portal content

Business Package for Maintenance Worker 1.50

Business Package for Generic EAM Functions 1.50

Business Package for Maintenance Worker 1.50

Business Package for Generic EAM Functions 1.50

Technical component

SAP NetWeaver 7.02, SPS0


Search and Classification (TREX) 7.1

Search and Input Help


The two business packages mentioned above give you the flexibility to tailor your maintenance processes to suit the planned and unplanned activities of maintenance workers, making it easier for them to access and process stock data. This enables the maintenance worker to find all the information he or she needs to do his or her job quickly and easily, and to confirm the work that he or she has performed.

In addition, both business packages contain the following functions that provide comprehensive support for users during their daily tasks:

  • Asset Viewer

    Asset Viewer is a display tool that enables users to easily navigate through complex object relationships, thanks to its integrated user interface. This means they can flexibly navigate both within and between objects.

  • Business Context Viewer (BCV)

    Business Context Viewer (BCV) is a framework for integrating additional business content and analytical information. Predefined business content is available for Plant Maintenance (PM). If you want to integrate information from Business Context Viewer (BCV) in the business packages, you must activate the business function FND, Business Context Viewer - Main Application (/BCV/MAIN).

    BCV is licensed as part of the SAP Collaborative Product Development license. You need this license in order to use BCV content with these business packages.

    For more information, see FND, Business Context Viewer Main Application.

For more information, see Business Package for Maintenance Worker 1.50 and Business Package for Generic EAM Functions 1.50.