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 Cross-Plant, Multi-Language XStep Repository


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SAP Enhancement Package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0

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This business function enables you to use the following new functions in the XSteps area:

  • Cross-plant XStep repository

    The cross-plant standard XStep repository is a central storage facility for all standard XSteps that you can use in different plants. In this way, you can reduce your master data maintenance effort and ensure a standardized way of working in all plants. The creation of a global template is considerably simplified. This applies above all in connection with the multilingual features of the XStep texts.

  • Translation of XStep texts into any number of languages

    You can now translate the texts of XSteps that are to be used in several plants into the languages of their users. This similarly facilitates a standardized way of working in all plants.


You can use the new functions both in production planning for the process industry and in discrete manufacturing.


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  • If you also want to use the XSteps in discrete manufacturing, you must first activate the business function XSteps for Routing and Production Order (LOG_PP_XS_RTG_PO).

  • To be able to use the cross-plant XStep repository, in Customizing for Production Planning, Process Industry under Start of the navigation path Process Management, you must choose Next navigation step Execution Steps (XSteps) Next navigation step Standard XStep Repository Next navigation step Define Reference Plant for Cross-Plant Standard XStep Repository End of the navigation path and there select the plant you want to use as the reference plant.


Cross-Plant Standard XStep Repository

The cross-plant standard XStep repository is the central repository for your XSteps, which you can thenb use in PI sheets and work instructions.

The cross-plant standard XStep repository is a separate repository. SAP recommends that you only create new standard XSteps there after activation of the cross-plant repository. These standard XSteps can then be used in another plant at any time, as required.

Multi-Language Repository

You can now create the XSteps centrally and then translate their texts into all necessary languages. This reduces the maintenance efford and ensures uniform production processes.

You can create the translation very simply by logging on in the desired target language. You then invoke the XStep in change mode and overwrite the texts in the long-on language. The system then saves your input as a translation, i.e. the texts of the XStep are available once in the original language and once as a translation. In this way, you can translate your texts into any number of languages.