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 Enterprise Asset Management Part 4


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SAP enhancement package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0

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SAP Plant Maintenance (PM)

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This business function allows you to use various enhancements for processes in Plant Maintenance:

  • Inspection Rounds

  • MDM Catalog Connection

  • Enhancements to Maintenance Order BAPIs

  • BAPIs for the Installation and Removal of Non-Serialized BOM Items With or Without Goods Movement

  • Innovations in Maintenance Cost Budgeting (MCB)



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SAP Netweaver 7.05 BI Content

Innovations in Maintenance Cost Budgeting (MCB)


Inspection Rounds

The process for overall confirmation has been enhanced. If you do an overall confirmation at the end of an inspection round, in this confirmation you can create a notification directly from a technical object that is assigned to an operation. You can also change a notification that already exists for a technical object.

There is an example implementation for Business Add-In (BAdI) IMRC_CHECK_RDGS. This shows how an error message is issued when the tolerance limits for measurement readings are exceeded.

For more information, see Inspection Rounds.

MDM Catalog Connection

If you connect to an MDM catalog when processing maintenance orders, you can copy service structures with complex hierarchies from the MDM catalog to the maintenance orders.

Enhancements to Maintenance Order BAPIs

BAPI BAPI_ALM_ORDER_MAINTAIN, which is used to process maintenance and service orders, has been enhanced to support refurbishment orders (maintenance order type PM04) and to enable the creation of suborders. BAPI BAPI_ALM_ORDER_GET_DETAIL, which reads maintenance and service order data, has also been enhanced to read refurbishment order specific data.

These enhancements allow partners and customers to provide simplified user interfaces for complex inspection and repair processes by allowing them to build specific applications on top of standard maintenance and refurbishment order processes. These enhancements also facilitate the development of Enterprise Services to support inspection and repair activities.

BAPIs for the Installation and Removal of Non-Serialized BOM Items With or Without Goods Movement

The BAPIs BAPI_IE4N_DISMANTLE and BAPI_IE4N_INSTALL have been developed to make it is possible to remove a non-serialized material from the BOM header of a piece of equipment and to install a non-serialized material into the BOM header of a piece of equipment without any user interaction required in transaction IE4N.

These BAPIs have been developed in order to facilitate the development of Enterprise Services.

Innovations in Maintenance Cost Budgeting

Following are the features available from the perspective of the type of master data that the extractor can handle:

  • Extracting maintenance plans that creates notification as call object

  • Extracting details from hierarchical task list as well as maintenance plans that use hierarchical task list

  • Retracting the approved budget back to the ERP system, and allow the planner to review these details along with cost incurred to maintain the technical object, while planning and processing the order

  • Extracting simulated costs to extract detailed data on maintenance costs at operation level, which can also extract simulated material requirements, including the period during which these requirements may occur

  • Extracting simulated costs includes the service master, the work center along with its plant, controlling activities, and the efforts required to perform tasks

Enhancements to BAPIs for Maintenance Plan Scheduling

API functions have been developed for the scheduling of maintenance plans. These APIs provide the same functions as transaction IP10: the creation of maintenance calls or the changing of existing maintenance calls.

Enhancements to Measurement Documents and Measuring Points
  • The new API MEASUREM_DOCUM_RFC_CANCEL enables partners and customers to cancel measurement documents in their own developments. This API makes the same checks and calculations as the APIs that are executed when setting the reversal indicator in transaction IK12 (Change Measurement Document). There is no API for reactivating a cancelled measurement document. If you want this, create a new measurement document.

  • You can use BAdI DISABLE_RESET_REVERS_IND to disable the function for resetting the reversal indicator for measurement documents.

  • Customer enhancements converted to BAdIs

    To enable partners to extend the existing solution and provide default implementations, the following customer enhancements have been converted to BAdIs. These BAdIs have the same functions as the existing customer enhancements:

    • IMRC0001: MeasPoint/MeasDoc: Exit before update (after COMMIT WORK) = BAdI: Filling of Customer Fields for Measuring Points and Documents

    • IMRC0002: MeasPoint: Menu exit for customer-specific function = BAdI: Additional Function Code in Measuring Point Transactions

    • IMRC0003: MeasDoc: Menu exit for customer-specific function = BAdI: Additional Function Code in Measurement Document Transactions

    • IMRC0005: Measure point: Exit in AUTHORITY_CHECK_IMPT = BAdI: Additional Authority Checks for Measuring Points

Change Documents for Maintenance Plan Scheduling

In the airline industry, for example, it is important to be able to trace the changes made in the handling of maintenance plans, especially in the scheduling of them. You can use change documents to trace and document the following actions for maintenance plan scheduling:

  • Start/restart/start in cycle

  • Release call

  • Manual call

  • Fix call

  • Skip call

  • Confirm call

Note Note

You can use a second indicator to activate a function for writing a change document when you release a date in scheduling.

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Enhanced Archiving for Measurement Documents and Functional Locations

New Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) enable you to enhance the archiving scope for measurement documents and functional locations. You can enhance the archivability check in the preprocessing program as well as the scope of archiving of the write program and delete program to meet your customer-specific requirements.