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 EH&S Continuous Improvement


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SAP Enhancement Package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0

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Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)

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PLM Extension EA-PLM

You use this business function to extend the existing functions in the SAP Environment, Health and Safety component. In addition, the handling of individual functions is simplified, for example, the specification search via the connection of Enterprise Search to the workbench.


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The business function EH&S Continuous Improvement contains the following enhancements for the SAP Environment, Health and Safety component:

Occupational Health

In Occupational Health, you can specify the relevant questionnaires per examination type for each health surveillance protocol.

In the planning cockpit, you can specify using an environment parameter how many entries appear in a list of the last opened appointment calendars. It is still possible in the planning cockpit to specify an internal person as physician for the medical service appointment.

In the planning cockpit, an appointment calendar for planning medical services can be linked to a physician. In planning a service appointment with the appointment calendar, the linked physician is automatically carried over as the practicing physician for the service appointment.

An improved alternative for importing is provided in Medical Service. You can use it to import customer-specific examination results from the laboratory or from an examination device more easily than before.

For more information, see Occupational Health (EHS-HEA).

Product Safety

The standard property tree was enhanced with value assignment types for GHS regulation, EU REACH regulation, and legal regulations for air quality protection.

The navigation options in the detailed structure of the specification workbench were enhanced. Pushbuttons and a context menu are now provided for navigating to the relevant pages. Furthermore, by double-clicking the substance referenced in the header data of the specification, you can now navigate to the substance directly.

When you call report management from the specification workbench, reports with historical or archived status are no longer displayed.

For more information, see Product Safety (EHS-SAF).

Substance Volume Tracking

Substance volume tracking has been extended to include a test function for confirmed quantities. You can display the detailed data for confirmed quantities with a reference to the relevant material documents or production and process orders.

For more information, see Substance Volume Tracking.