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You can use the SAP Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) component to control the blocking and deletion of business partner master data. Personal data collected in business partner master data can be blocked as soon as business activities for which this data is needed are completed and the residence time for this data has elapsed. After this time, only users who are assigned additional authorizations can access this data. After the retention period for data expires, personal data can be deleted completely so that it can no longer be retrieved. Residence and retention periods are defined in the customer system.

Implementation Considerations

  • You have installed the following software components SAP_ABA 7.40, SAP_BS_FND 7.47, and SAP_BASIS 7.40.

  • You must configure the required Customizing settings under   Cross-Application Components   Data Protection  .

  • The functions required for blocking and unblocking business partners or viewing blocked business partners are provided through the Data Protection Officer PFCG role SAP_CA_BP_DP_ADMIN. You can copy this role to new roles, adjust them to suit your needs, and assign them to your end users.

  • You must define the residence period and retention period policies for business partners in SAP Information Lifecycle Management (transaction IRMPOL).


The following functions are available for blocking and deletion of business partner data:

  • Blocking of business partner data

    You can block business partner data after the residence period has ended. Only authorized users with the SAP_CA_BP_DP_ADMIN role can access the blocked data. The data cannot be displayed or used by other business users.

  • Unblocking of business partner data

    Business partner data that has been mistakenly blocked can be manually unblocked by a user with the SAP_CA_BP_DP_ADMIN role.

  • Request Unblocking

    You can request unblocking of a business partner. The authorized user receives notification when unblocking requests are made and can approve or reject the unblocking.

  • Deletion of business partner data

    After the retention period ends the data manager can delete the business partner data in the database.

  • Deletion of archived business partner data

    After the retention period the data manager can destroy the archived business partner data such that it can no longer be retrieved.

The blocking function is supported for multi-system landscapes.