Start Level 1 Node: Recycling AdministrationRecycling AdministrationEnd Level 1 Node: Recycling Administration
   Start Level 2 Node: Recycling AdministrationRecycling AdministrationEnd Level 2 Node: Recycling Administration
   Start Level 2 Node: Transparency of Payment FlowsTransparency of Payment FlowsEnd Level 2 Node: Transparency of Payment Flows
   Start Level 2 Node: Checking Legal Requirements with REAChecking Legal Requirements with REAEnd Level 2 Node: Checking Legal Requirements with REA
   Start Level 2 Node: Recycling Master DataRecycling Master DataEnd Level 2 Node: Recycling Master Data
      Start Level 3 Node: Overview: Master DataOverview: Master DataEnd Level 3 Node: Overview: Master Data
         Start Level 4 Node: Recycling PartnerRecycling PartnerEnd Level 4 Node: Recycling Partner
         Start Level 4 Node: Price ListPrice ListEnd Level 4 Node: Price List
            Start Level 5 Node: Processing of Price ListsProcessing of Price ListsEnd Level 5 Node: Processing of Price Lists
         Start Level 4 Node: FractionFractionEnd Level 4 Node: Fraction
         Start Level 4 Node: PackagingPackagingEnd Level 4 Node: Packaging
            Start Level 5 Node: Packaging Without Material Master RecordPackaging Without Material Master RecordEnd Level 5 Node: Packaging Without Material Master Record
               Start Level 6 Node: Report: Conversion to Packaging Without Material Master RecordReport: Conversion to Packaging Without Material Master RecordEnd Level 6 Node: Report: Conversion to Packaging Without Material Master Record
         Start Level 4 Node: ArticleArticleEnd Level 4 Node: Article
            Start Level 5 Node: Reference ArticleReference ArticleEnd Level 5 Node: Reference Article
         Start Level 4 Node: VariantVariantEnd Level 4 Node: Variant
         Start Level 4 Node: Master Data EnhancementsMaster Data EnhancementsEnd Level 4 Node: Master Data Enhancements
         Start Level 4 Node: Editing of Master Data in the Material MasterEditing of Master Data in the Material MasterEnd Level 4 Node: Editing of Master Data in the Material Master
      Start Level 3 Node: Data EntryData EntryEnd Level 3 Node: Data Entry
   Start Level 2 Node: Recycling Contract ManagementRecycling Contract ManagementEnd Level 2 Node: Recycling Contract Management
      Start Level 3 Node: SplittingSplittingEnd Level 3 Node: Splitting
      Start Level 3 Node: Recycling ConditionsRecycling ConditionsEnd Level 3 Node: Recycling Conditions
   Start Level 2 Node: Declaration AdministrationDeclaration AdministrationEnd Level 2 Node: Declaration Administration
      Start Level 3 Node: Recycling Declaration TypeRecycling Declaration TypeEnd Level 3 Node: Recycling Declaration Type
      Start Level 3 Node: Sustainability ReportSustainability ReportEnd Level 3 Node: Sustainability Report
   Start Level 2 Node: Analysis of Recycling ProcessesAnalysis of Recycling ProcessesEnd Level 2 Node: Analysis of Recycling Processes
   Start Level 2 Node: Consistency CheckConsistency CheckEnd Level 2 Node: Consistency Check
   Start Level 2 Node: Comparisons and Simulations for Design OptimizationComparisons and Simulations for Design OptimizationEnd Level 2 Node: Comparisons and Simulations for Design Optimization
   Start Level 2 Node: Enhanced Price and Cost CalculationEnhanced Price and Cost CalculationEnd Level 2 Node: Enhanced Price and Cost Calculation
   Start Level 2 Node: Universal Determination of Transaction DataUniversal Determination of Transaction DataEnd Level 2 Node: Universal Determination of Transaction Data
   Start Level 2 Node: Automatic ConfigurationAutomatic ConfigurationEnd Level 2 Node: Automatic Configuration
      Start Level 3 Node: Wizards: Import/Export Recycling Partner Master DataWizards: Import/Export Recycling Partner Master DataEnd Level 3 Node: Wizards: Import/Export Recycling Partner Master Data
   Start Level 2 Node: RolesRolesEnd Level 2 Node: Roles
      Start Level 3 Node: Packaging EngineerPackaging EngineerEnd Level 3 Node: Packaging Engineer
      Start Level 3 Node: Head of Sustainability and EnvironmentHead of Sustainability and EnvironmentEnd Level 3 Node: Head of Sustainability and Environment
      Start Level 3 Node: Compliance Manager for RecyclingCompliance Manager for RecyclingEnd Level 3 Node: Compliance Manager for Recycling
      Start Level 3 Node: Specialist for Recycling AccountingSpecialist for Recycling AccountingEnd Level 3 Node: Specialist for Recycling Accounting
      Start Level 3 Node: Specialist for Recycling Master DataSpecialist for Recycling Master DataEnd Level 3 Node: Specialist for Recycling Master Data
   Start Level 2 Node: WorkflowsWorkflowsEnd Level 2 Node: Workflows
      Start Level 3 Node: Workflow: Edit Inconsistent ArticleWorkflow: Edit Inconsistent ArticleEnd Level 3 Node: Workflow: Edit Inconsistent Article
      Start Level 3 Node: Workflow: Edit Missing ArticleWorkflow: Edit Missing ArticleEnd Level 3 Node: Workflow: Edit Missing Article
      Start Level 3 Node: Workflow: Create Article for New MaterialWorkflow: Create Article for New MaterialEnd Level 3 Node: Workflow: Create Article for New Material
      Start Level 3 Node: Workflow: Create Packaging for New MaterialWorkflow: Create Packaging for New MaterialEnd Level 3 Node: Workflow: Create Packaging for New Material
      Start Level 3 Node: Workflow: Implement BOM ChangeWorkflow: Implement BOM ChangeEnd Level 3 Node: Workflow: Implement BOM Change
   Start Level 2 Node: AnalyticsAnalyticsEnd Level 2 Node: Analytics
      Start Level 3 Node: REA Extractor for FractionsREA Extractor for FractionsEnd Level 3 Node: REA Extractor for Fractions
      Start Level 3 Node: REA Extractor for Fractions (Short Text)REA Extractor for Fractions (Short Text)End Level 3 Node: REA Extractor for Fractions (Short Text)
      Start Level 3 Node: REA Extractor for Partner FractionsREA Extractor for Partner FractionsEnd Level 3 Node: REA Extractor for Partner Fractions
      Start Level 3 Node: REA Extractor for Partner Fractions (Short Text)REA Extractor for Partner Fractions (Short Text)End Level 3 Node: REA Extractor for Partner Fractions (Short Text)
      Start Level 3 Node: REA Extractor for PartnersREA Extractor for PartnersEnd Level 3 Node: REA Extractor for Partners
      Start Level 3 Node: REA Extractor for Partner Name (Text)REA Extractor for Partner Name (Text)End Level 3 Node: REA Extractor for Partner Name (Text)
      Start Level 3 Node: REA Extractor for Partners General DataREA Extractor for Partners General DataEnd Level 3 Node: REA Extractor for Partners General Data
      Start Level 3 Node: REA Extractor for Material Characteristic GroupingsREA Extractor for Material Characteristic GroupingsEnd Level 3 Node: REA Extractor for Material Characteristic Groupings
      Start Level 3 Node: REA Extractor for Characteristics Groupings (Short Text)REA Extractor for Characteristics Groupings (Short Text)End Level 3 Node: REA Extractor for Characteristics Groupings (Short Text)
      Start Level 3 Node: REA Extractor for DeclarationsREA Extractor for DeclarationsEnd Level 3 Node: REA Extractor for Declarations
      Start Level 3 Node: REA Extractor for Assortment DeclarationsREA Extractor for Assortment DeclarationsEnd Level 3 Node: REA Extractor for Assortment Declarations
      Start Level 3 Node: REA Extractor for Cost AnalysisREA Extractor for Cost AnalysisEnd Level 3 Node: REA Extractor for Cost Analysis
   Start Level 2 Node: Archiving Recycling Administration DataArchiving Recycling Administration DataEnd Level 2 Node: Archiving Recycling Administration Data
      Start Level 3 Node: Archiving Declarations with /J7L/DECLArchiving Declarations with /J7L/DECLEnd Level 3 Node: Archiving Declarations with /J7L/DECL
         Start Level 4 Node: Characteristics of /J7L/DECLCharacteristics of /J7L/DECLEnd Level 4 Node: Characteristics of /J7L/DECL
         Start Level 4 Node: Checks of /J7L/DECLChecks of /J7L/DECLEnd Level 4 Node: Checks of /J7L/DECL
         Start Level 4 Node: Defining Write Variant for /J7L/DECLDefining Write Variant for /J7L/DECLEnd Level 4 Node: Defining Write Variant for /J7L/DECL
         Start Level 4 Node: Displaying Declarations Archived with /J7L/DECLDisplaying Declarations Archived with /J7L/DECLEnd Level 4 Node: Displaying Declarations Archived with /J7L/DECL
         Start Level 4 Node: Authorizations for Archiving Object /J7L/DECLAuthorizations for Archiving Object /J7L/DECLEnd Level 4 Node: Authorizations for Archiving Object /J7L/DECL