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 Takeover/Handover of Technical Objects


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SAP Enhancement Package 3 for SAP ERP 6.0

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Discrete Industries and Mill Products

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Directly Dependent Business Function Requiring Activation in Addition

PLM Extension (EA-PLM)

With this business function, you can implement the following functions:

  • Takeover and handover of technical objects

  • Enhancements to the asset roles:

    • Maintenance technician

    • Maintenance planner

    • Maintenance supervisor

  • You can use digital signatures to sign off maintenance order operations

  • Define customer-specific relationships for measurement reading transfer for a technical object

  • Define status control for shop papers.

  • Make mass changes to pieces of equipment and functional locations

  • Specify in a maintenance or service order which factory calendar you want the system to use as a basis for scheduling the order


You have activated the Takeover/Handover of Technical Objects (LOG_EAM_TOHO) business function.

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Business Package for ERP THO TECHNICAL OBJ 1.30

Takeover/Handover of Technical Objects


Takeover/Handover of Technical Objects

In asset-intensive industries, complex technical objects, for example aircraft, engines, or serialized components, and their configuration are carefully tracked and monitored throughout their life cycle. This is done to ensure safety and to prove compliance to the authorities. During their life cycle the technical objects are moved between various business partners, for example, if they are sold or repaired. If receiving business partners needs to keep track of configuration changes and ensure punctual completion of required maintenance tasks, they must set up a detailed technical object structure in their IT systems and define all applicable maintenance requirements for the technical object and its subordinate components. This could be for a complete new aircraft or a set of repaired components. Handover/takeover of technical objects supports the user in setting up the data for a new, used, or repaired technical object in the SAP ERP system.

Handover and takeover are carried out on a single user interface. This is beneficial because:

  • The user needs less time to set up the data

  • Reduced probability of errors

  • Easy hand-over between responsible roles

  • Clear visibility of phase-in progress/status at any time

  • Electronic Data Transfer (EDT)

The takeover application enables an efficient data set up process (for example, using an XML file) for a new, used or repaired technical object in the ERP system within a single user interface.

The handover application allows the user to generate a file that enables a more efficient data exchange, and to trigger subsequent actions when sending a technical object to a business partner. Handover includes the following functions:

  • Creation of master data

  • Creation of technical object structures

  • Creation/update of maintenance plans

  • Scheduling of maintenance plans

  • Process notifications

For more information, see Takeover/Handover of Technical Objects.

You can find the relevant Customizing settings underStart of the navigation path Plant Maintenance and Customer Service Next navigation step Master Data in Plant Maintenance and Customer Service Next navigation step Technical Objects Next navigation step Takeover/Handover of Technical Objects End of the navigation path.

Enhancements to Asset Roles

For more information about enhancements to the roles maintenance technician, maintenance planner, and maintenance supervisor, see Enterprise Asset Management Part 2.

Digital Signature for Orders

This speeds up the sign-off process and provides for accountability. The digital signatures function for maintenance order operations is accessed from the detailed view of operation data. For more information, see Working with Digital Signatures.

Measurement Reading Transfer for Technical Objects

You can define customer-specific relationships for measurement readings for technical objects using BAdI MP_TRANSFER_RELATION. You can define ambiguous measurement reading transfers relationships within a technical object in such a way as to make them unambiguous.

Change Control of Shop Papers

You can define status control for shop papers. You can track whether printed shop papers are up to date. If a maintenance order or operation is changed after the shop papers have been printed, the system displays a status that shows this. The system also ensures that technical completion of the order is not possible in this case until the shop papers have been printed again.

Technical Objects Mass Maintenance

You can make mass changes to pieces of equipment and functional locations. You can change data in the following areas: General data (for example, description or object type) Organizational data (for example, business area or maintenance planner group) Location data (for example, location or room). For more information, see Mass Changes for Equipment and Functional Locations.

Calendar Assignment for Order

You can specify in a maintenance or service order which factory calendar you want the system to use as a basis for scheduling the order.