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Background documentationCheck for Duplicates


You can make a setting (see below under “Prerequisites”) so that the system performs a check for duplicates when a claim bundle is created. This prevents a claim bundle from being created twice by mistake. The system regards the new claim bundle as being a potential duplicate if the following entry data on the initial screen is identical:

  • Claim bundle type

  • Claim bundle subtype

  • Date of loss

  • Business partner (policyholder and/or insured person)

    Note Note

    The system only checks the business partner with claim bundles in the category of Multiple Contract Handling.

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The system then lists all possible duplicates in a dialog box. From this list of possible duplicates, you can navigate in either change or display mode to one of the possible duplicates.

Note Note

In addition to the above-mentioned fields, you can also define own fields that the system should consider in the check for duplicates. In this case, implement the Business Add-In BADI_ICLE_DUPLICATE_CHECK (Customizing path: Start of the navigation path Claims Management Next navigation step Claim Bundle Next navigation step Technical Settings Next navigation step Creation of Claim Bundles Next navigation step BAdI: Find Possible Duplicates During Claim Bundle Creation Process End of the navigation path).

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In Customizing activity Define Subtypes per Claim Bundle Type, you have selected the Duplicate Check (check for creation of duplicates) checkbox for the relevant combination of claim bundle type and claim bundle subtype.