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 PS: Managing Exposure Scenarios - Outbound Processing


The ESCom standard for exchanging exposure scenarios between IT systems was developed to enable exposure scenario information to be communicated along the supply chain in a consistent and harmonized manner. Supporting the standardized exchange of exposure scenario data along the supply chain helps to reduce the manual effort as well as time and costs during the transfer and communication of regulatory data. Outbound processing supports suppliers in shipping ESComXML files together with the extended safety data sheet (eSDS) to their customers.

Technical Details

Technical Name of Product Feature


Product Feature Is



Valid for all countries

Software Component Version


Application Component

Product Safety in SAP EHS Management as part of SAP ERP

Available From

SAP EHP7 (SP06) for SAP ERP 6.0

Required Business Functions


More Details

In addition to the new functions described below, enhancements for the new functions are used in the following areas:

The new functions are integrated into the existing Environment, Health and Safety components.

For more information, refer to the following release notes:

Effects on System Administration

Before you configure Exposure Scenario Management, you need to configure the following settings:

  • Switch Business Configuration Sets (Switch BC Sets) of Exposure Scenario Management: If you activate the business function LOG_EHS_PS_CI_5 (EHS - Continuous Improvement for Product Safety), the following switch BC sets are imported:

    • EHSS_ESCOM_VC_DVS10 (EHS: Define Document Status)

    • EHSS_ESCOM_VC_ESV_TCG23 (EHS: Identification Type - Specification Categ. Assignment)

    • EHSS_ESCOM_VC_TCG26 (EHS: Check Identification Listing)

    • EHSS_ESCOM_VC_TCGUEFU (EHS: Manage User Exits)

    • EHSS_ESCOM_V_CVCHU (EHS: Assign Names for User Exits)

    • EHSS_ESCOM_V_CVD_CVCCO (EHS: Specify Communication)

    • EHSS_ESCOM_V_CVD_CVCRC (EHS: Assign Communication)

    • EHSS_ESCOM_V_MSGSEV (EHS: Specify Message Types for Checks)

    • EHSS_ESCOM_V_RSBASIC (EHS: Specify Settings for Shipping ESComXML Reports)

    • EHSS_ESCOM_V_XMLBASIC (EHS: Specify Settings for Generating ESComXML Files)

    • EHSS_ESCOM_V_XMLUOMPR (EHS: Assign Phrases to Units of Measurement)

These switch BC sets contain all the basic settings for Exposure Scenario Management.

Effects on Customizing
New Customizing Activities

The Exposure Scenario Management node has been added to Product Safety.

The following Customizing activities have been added to the Outbound Processing of ESComXML Files node in exposure scenario management:

  • Specify Settings for Generating ESComXML Files

  • Identify Phrase as Substance or Mixture

  • Assign Phrases to Units of Measurement

  • Specify Additional Data for Sales Organization

  • Specify Settings for Message Types for Checks

  • Specify Settings for Shipping ESComXML Files

  • BAdI: Generate and Ship Additional Documents

The following documentation for the implementation has been enhanced in Customizing for Exposure Scenario Management:

  • Exposure Scenario Management

  • Configuration of Exposure Scenario Management

  • Generating ESComXML Files

  • Prerequisites for Generating ESComXML Files

  • Provide Additional Information for Sales Organization

  • Shipping ESComXML Files

  • Prerequisites for Shipping ESComXML Files

More Information

For more information, see SAP Library for SAP ERP on SAP Help Portal at published on SAP site under Start of the navigation path SAP ERP Central Component Next navigation step Logistics Next navigation step Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Next navigation step Product Safety (EHS-SAF) Next navigation step Exposure Scenario Management End of the navigation path.

For more information about implementing Exposure Management, see Customizing for Product Safety under Exposure Scenario Management.