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 Define Accounts for Splitting Price Differences


This feature enables you to refine the settings for splitting variance categories into G/L accounts, allowing you to do detailed analysis on prices differences in your income statement.

When the costs of manufacturing materials are valued based on standard prices, production variances can occur if there are differences between actual costs and target costs. These production variances are calculated in Product Cost Controlling (CO-PC) and assigned to variance categories. Variance categories indicate the reasons for the differences. The categories include for example:

  • Price variances

  • Quantity variances

  • Lot-size variances

  • Scrap

Settlement to FI and CO-PA

When the production orders are settled, you can post the production variances to Financial Accounting (FI) and Profitability Analysis (CO-PA).

  • The amount settled to FI is normally shown as one total amount on a G/L account for price differences. This account is defined in the account determination settings for material movements. The variance categories and therefore the reasons for the variances normally cannot be reflected in this FI posting.

  • The amount settled to CO-PA can be settled to different variance categories so that after settlement you can see the single-variance categories in different value fields in cost-based CO-PA.

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SAP Simple Finance add-on 1.0 SPS03 for SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA

Effects on Customizing

The following IMG activities have been added under Start of the navigation path Controlling Next navigation step General Controlling Next navigation step Additional Quantities End of the navigation path:

  • Define Additional Quantity Fields

    In this activity you define the additional quantity fields and their dimensions, and assign them to controlling areas.

  • BAdI: Interface for Additional Quantities

    In this activity you implement the BAdI interface for calculating additional quantities per COEP line item with external postings.

More Information

For detailed information, see the documentation for the IMG activity Define Accounts for Splitting Price Differences.