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 Project System: Handling Large Projects — Master Data


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Enhancement Package 4 for SAP ERP 6.0

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Project System Enhancements in Functionality and Usability


You can use this business function to improve system performance for the maintenance of master data large project structures in Project System. With the new Project Editor transaction users can maintain subsets of master data separately for large projects. With this transaction users can benefit from a more flexible locking concept. Certain project changes can be saved as drafts to be compared with each other later. You can add project master data to a cache, which further improves the performance of the system for the maintenance of master data in the Project Editor.


To use the new features contained in this business function, you must activate the additional features provided by the business function, Project System: Enhancements in Functionality and Usability (OPS_PS_CI_1) before the business function Handling Large Projects — Master Data (OPS_PS_HLP_1) can be activated in the system. For more information, see Enhancements in Functionality and Usability. For information about the Customizing settings for this business function, see the release note for each function.

Once you have activated this business function, maintain the necessary Customizing activities in Customizing for Project System. For more information, refer to the release notes on Start of the navigation path published on SAP site Next navigation step SAP ERP Corporate Services End of the navigation path.


Release Note

BF Project System: Handling Large Projects (new)

OPS_PS_HLP_1: BF Project System: Handling Large Projects (new) (PS_604_OPS_PS_HLP1_0)

Project Editor

OPS_PS_HLP_1: Project Editor (PS_604_OPS_PS_HLP1_2)

Draft Workbench

OPS_PS_HLP_1: Draft Workbench (PS_604_OPS_PS_HLP1_3)

Project Worklist

OPS_PS_HLP_1: Project Worklist (PS_604_OPS_PS_HLP1_1)

Administrator Workbench

OPS_PS_HLP_1: Administrator Workbench (PS_604_OPS_PS_HLP1_4)


The following features are contained in this business function:

  • Project Editor

  • Draft Workbench

  • Project Worklist

  • Administrator Workbench

Project Editor

With the new Project Editor, users can maintain separate subsets of master data improving the system performance in this area. The following subsets of master data, called 'datasets', can be maintained in the Project Editor:

  • Organizational Data

  • Control Data

  • User Fields

  • Customer Data

  • Progress

  • Partner

  • Short Text/Long Text

  • Access Control List

  • Status

In addition, settlement rules and Document Management System (DMS) document assignments can be maintained in the Project Editor. Users can benefit from the flexible locking concept enabling parallel changes to the datasets Organizational Data, Control Data, User Fields and Customer Data. Users can save changes to these datasets in background mode or as drafts in the Project Editor.

Draft Workbench

When users save the master data changes they have performed as a draft, the Draft Workbench can be used to analyze and compare drafts before deciding which version to save or delete.

Project Worklist

This feature provides an alternative entry point to the Project Editor. It is based on Access Control List (ACL) authorizations so that Project Definitions, Work Breakdown Structure elements and networks are listed user-specifically and can be opened directly in the Project Editor from the worklist.

Administrator Workbench

Using the Administrator Workbench, administrators can load the master data of large projects or networks into a cache in advance. Using the cache improves the processing efficiency of the Project Editor for the maintenance of master data.