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 PLM Web User Interface


Technical Data

Technical Name of the Business Function


Type of Business Function

Enterprise Business Function

Available As Of

Enhancement Package 4 for SAP ERP 6.0

Technical Usage

PLM Core

Application Component

PLM Web User Interface (PLM-WUI)

Business Intelligence Content

Not relevant

Directly Dependent Business Function Requiring Activation in Addition

/PLMU/IPPE_INT: PLM iPPE Integration

You can use this business function to activate the new Web user interface of SAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM Web UI).


You have activated the /PLMU/IPPE_INT: PLM iPPE Integration business function.

You have installed the following components as of the version mentioned:

Type of Component


Is Needed Only for the Following Features

Software component

EA-IPPE 404, SAP_APPL 604, PLM WUI 700

Customizing for the Web UI of SAP PLM can be found under Start of the navigation path Logistics - General Next navigation step Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Next navigation step PLM Web User Interface End of the navigation path.


The following functions are available on the Web UI:

  • Web-based user interface for objects

    A Web UI is available for the following objects:

    • Material

    • Material BOM

    • Document

    • Change master record

    • Classification

      Tab pages for classes and characteristics are integrated in the Web UIs of the objects named above.

  • Work center and control center

    Work center and control center are the central entry points for the Web UI applications. Here, you can search for objects, create favorites, or manage a worklist, for example. Role-specific navigation between objects or search results and the work center and control center is enabled by integration with the Object Navigator (CA-EPT-NAV).

  • Internet collaboration

    The Web UI enables you to give external parties, such as partner enterprises Web access to the data in the PLM back-end system without allowing them direct access to the back-end system. The Web UI can be decoupled from the back-end system and installed in a demilitarized zone (DMZ) outside your corporate firewall.

  • Access control context (ACC) and authorizations

    You can control access to information on the Web UI at context, user, or role level. For example, not all users will be allowed to call up all material BOMs even though they have general authorization to display material BOMs. With access control contexts (ACC) and access control lists (ACL) you can tailor user access to the objects on the Web UI to your requirements.

  • Engineering desktop (E-desktop)

    You can use the engineering desktop to transfer CAD structures to the PLM system if you have an optional SAP CAD interface installed. Afterwards you can create a material BOM or an iPPE product structure based on the CAD structure.

    Note Note

    The Web UI does not provide a new Web-based interface for iPPE product structures.

    End of the note.
  • Product-Centric View (PCV)

    Product-Centric View enables easy retrieval of product-related information from various internal data sources. It provides analytical applications which are embedded and operate in the business application the user is working in. PCV offers capabilities that enable customers and partners to include new data sources in PCV and to enhance standard business content with additional analytics.

  • Viewer

    When you activate this business function, the viewer interface is also activated. To be able to use the viewer, each user has to install the viewer locally.

  • Collection of PLM-relevant nodes in Customizing

    In Customizing, you can now find all PLM-relevant settings under Start of the navigation path Logistics - General Next navigation step Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) End of the navigation path. Existing paths are still valid.

  • Collection of PLM-relevant topics in SAP Library

    In SAP Library, you can now find all PLM-relevant topics under Start of the navigation path SAP ERP Central Component Next navigation step Logistics Next navigation step Product Lifecycle Management End of the navigation path. Existing paths are still valid.

Note Note

With this business function, you do not activate any additional menu entries. If you want to call the Web UI from the back-end system, you have to create role-specific user menus.

End of the note.