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 EDI Monitors


Technical Data

Technical Name of Business Function


Type of Business Function

Enterprise Business Function

Available as of

SAP enhancement package 4 for SAP ERP 6.0

Technical Usage

Discrete Industries and Mill Products

Application component

Monitors for the Automotive Industry (IS-A-MON)

Dependent business function(s) you must also activate

Not relevant

You can use this business function to implement IDoc monitors for selecting and displaying inbound EDI messages for shipping notifications, orders, forecast delivery schedules, and JIT delivery schedules. This means you can immediately process incorrect IDocs or ones that have not yet been processed.

The IDoc details in the IDoc monitors are clearly represented in an ABAP List Viewer, enabling the user to more easily identify incorrect IDocs, analyze the cause of the error, fix the error, and then trigger processing of the IDoc again.


You have installed the following components, as of the above-mentioned version:

Type of Component


Software Component




You have activated the EDI Monitors (LOG_SD_EDIMON) business function.

Note Note

If you activate the EDI Monitors (LOG_SD_EDIMON) business function and import support packages for the software components SAP_APPL or EA-APPL, you must also import the support packages for ECC-DIMP.

You do not have to activate the Discrete Industries and Mill Products (DIMP_SDUD) business function.

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