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 Quality Management, Visual Planning


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SAP Enhancement Package 5 for ERP 6.0

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SAP Quality Management (QM)

This business function enables you to use the enhancements in the Visual Planning (QM-PT-VP) component.

You can use this business function to improve the existing quality management solutions by deriving inspection plans and quality characteristics from Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI) data, which is residing in 3D visual files.



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SAP_APPL 605, EA-APPL 605,

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Derivation of quality characteristics from PMI data

It enables you to create task list objects such as, inspection plan and routing, based on the PMI data available in the 3D visual files associated with material master. The viewable is stored in Document Management System (DMS) and the document is linked to the material master. You can create a task list visually by loading the viewable in embedded SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer. You can select the appropriate PMI nodes and transfer them to create new inspection characteristics thereby improving the efficiency of the process.