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 Quality Management: Enhancements in FMEA and Quality Notifications


Technical Data

Technical Name of the Business Function


Type of Business Function

Enterprise Business Function

Available From

SAP enhancement package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0

Technical Usage

Central Applications

Application Component

SAP Quality Management (QM)

Required Enterprise Extension

PLM Extension (EA-PLM)

Required Business Function

Quality Management, Extensions (OPS_QM_EXTENSIONS)

Only for Integration of Quality Notification Processing in SAP SNC SCM_SNC Supply Network Collaboration 1(SCM_SNC_GEN_1)

This business function enables you to use enhancements for processes in the areas Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and Quality Notifications.


If you want to integrate quality notification processing in SAP SNC, you must first install a licensed version of SAP SNC and activate the SCM_SNC Supply Network Collaboration 1(SCM_SNC_GEN_1) business function.


You have installed the following components as of the version mentioned:

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Software Component


Software Component


Integration of Quality Notification Processing in SAP SNC


Integration of FMEA and Quality Notifications

When you display a quality notification from the individual display or list display, you can check if there are any Failure Mode and Effects Analyses (FMEAs) for the material for which a quality notification has been created.

  • In the individual display, this option is in the action box.

  • In the results list of the list display, there is the FMEA pushbutton for this option.

You can copy defect items, causes, and actions from a quality notification to an FMEA as defects, causes, and detection actions or preventive actions. To do so, in the FMEA structure display, choose the context menu Start of the navigation path Create Next navigation step From Notification Objects End of the navigation path.

If you copy actions from a notification to an FMEA, they are copied in the standard system as detection actions. You can use the Business Add-In BADI_FMEA_ASSIGN_SUBOBJQN to override this.

In the FMEA, the number of the quality notification, the notification item, cause, or action from which the lower-level objects were copied are displayed as references on the Basic Data tab page.

User-Specific Settings for the FMEA Type

In the FMEA cockpit, you can predefine an FMEA type under the user-specific settings. The system always proposes this FMEA type when you create an FMEA in the FMEA cockpit. For more information, see Processing an FMEA Component.

Digital Signature in FMEA

In the FMEA you can use the digital signature (individual signature and signature strategies). In the SAP system, the digital signature is supported by the Basis component Secure Store and Forward (SSF). For more information, see Digital Signature in Failure Mode and Effects Analysis.

Processing of System FMEAs

Processing of system FMEAs has been improved in the following areas:

  • Consistency checks

    The consistency checks that you can call for an FMEA via the context menu in the FMEA cockpit have been enhanced. For more information, see Consistency Checks.

  • New indicator Not Relevant

    You can set this indicator in the FMEA cockpit for functions and defects. It has the effect that functions and defects are not taken into account when the risk priority number is calculated. For more information, see Editing a Higher-Level Element List and Editing a Lower-Level Element List.

  • New indicator Valuation Decoupled from Reference

    By setting this indicator, you can specify that the valuation from the reference object is not taken into account but instead the local valuation, for example, from locally assigned actions. For more information, see Editing a Function List.

  • Visualization in FMEA cockpit

    In the tree structure, higher-level elements are displayed above the FMEA function list and lower-level elements are displayed below the FMEA function list.

Other Functions in the FMEA

It is possible to specify a default value for the minimum result for the risk priority number (RPN) of an FMEA in Customizing for the FMEA type. For more information, see Calculation of the Risk Priority Number.

If you create an FMEA with a template, you can decide whether you want to copy the existing actions from the template to the new FMEA. For more information, see Processing an FMEA Component.

In the FMEA print form System Form FMEA VDA 96 the status texts for actions are displayed in a VDA-compliant format (relevant for the German automotive industry association).

Display Related Notifications

The search for related notifications has been enhanced to include additional reference objects:

  • Batch, defect type, and defect location when processing a notification

  • Batch when editing the usage decision for the inspection lot, when recording defects, and recording results

For more information, see Displaying Related Notifications.

Print Notification Without Saving

You can print the notification without having to exit the change transaction. This function is activated by means of the user default value Print Without Saving. This makes the Print Without Saving pushbutton visible.

For more information, see Printing a Quality Notification and Printing a Quality Notification Item.

Integration of Quality Notification Processing in SAP SNC

There are two new notification types available for the integration of quality notifications in SAP SNC. Only these types of quality notifications are transferred between SAP SNC and SAP ERP:

  • Q8 – Complaint Against the Vendor from Customer (Ext.)

    When a customer saves a new or changed quality notification in SAP ERP, the notification is automatically transferred to SAP SNC. You can change this quality notification in SAP SNC. The change is transmitted to SAP ERP.

  • Q9 – Complaint from the Vendor (Ext.)

    If a vendor publishes a new or changed quality notification in SAP SNC, it is transferred to SAP ERP and the system creates a quality notification of this type. You can change this quality notification in SAP ERP. The change is transmitted to SAP SNC.

The service operations Maintain Notification based on Quality Issue Notification and Notify of Quality Issue Notification are available for this. You can also use these service operations to ensure the data exchange between systems. For more information, see SAP Library on the SAP Help Portal at Start of the navigation path Next navigation step SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture Documentation) End of the navigation path.