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 Display of Characteristic Values in Documents (ISR_RETAIL_CHAR_VALUES) (New)


Technical Data

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SAP ERP 6 Enhancement Package 7 SPS07

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Application Component

Retail Stock Overview Report (LO-MD-MM)

Required Business Function

Not relevant

This business function enables you to maintain characteristic values in the article master using the new mechanism for storing values. The system displays these stored characteristic values in different documents and transactions for information purposes.


Display of characteristic values in documents is available in the following logistics processes:

  • Sales and Distribution

    • Sales

      • Customer Inquiry/Quotation

      • Sales Order

      • Customer Contracts

    • Billing

      • Customer Invoice

    • Shipping

      • Outbound Delivery

  • Materials Management

    • Purchasing

      • Purchase Order/Stock Transport Order

      • Vendor Confirmations (Only Inbound Delivery)

    • Inventory Management

      • Goods Issue

    • Retail Stock Overview

    • Revaluate Batches


  • You have installed the following components as of the version mentioned:

    Type of Component


    Required for the Following Features Only

    Software Component


    EA-RETAIL(617) SP7


You can create characteristics using transaction CT04. You have to assign a corresponding characteristic type for the characteristics in transaction WRFCHVALTYPE. This allows you to use the new value storage mechanism.

In the article master (MARA table), exactly one field exists for each characteristic type. As the characteristic values are available in the article master, the short description of the characteristic value is displayed in documents such as purchase order, sales order, and so on. In addition, these characteristic values help is searching for documents. For example, you can search for all purchase orders that have the characteristic value as Red.

When you create a generic article, the short description of the variant indicates the characteristic values from which the variant was created. The description of a variant is the concatenation of characteristic values according to the sequence in which you define the characteristic values in the characteristic profile.

When you enter a generic article in the application documents such as purchase order or sales order, the system displays a variant matrix and prompts you to enter quantities for the variants of the generic article. The system displays the characteristic values for each of the variants and the quantities assigned to them in the Item Overview screen. You can only view a maximum of three characteristics for the variants of the generic article.

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