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 Trade, Agency Business 3


Technical Data

Technical Name of Business Function


Type of Business Function

Enterprise Business Function

Available As Of

SAP Enhancement Package 4 for SAP ERP 6.0

Technical Usage


Application Component

Agency Business (LO-AB)

Directly Dependent Business Function Requiring Activation in Addition

Trade, Agency Business (ISR_RET_AGENCY_2)

You can use this business function to implement the following new or extended business processes:

  • Extended Complaints Processing

  • Clearing Processing

Extended Complaints Processing

Agents often distribute invoices or settlements via printed letters, facsimiles or e-mail. The effort and costs associated with this distribution are very high.

Complaints are often submitted via telephone. Therefore, employees of the agent are busy creating internal complaints and answering questions regarding the complaint status.

This business function offers an extended complaints processing that enables customers to access the invoices they received from the agent. The customers then have the opportunity to select individual invoices and lodge complaints against them. Moreover, they can monitor their account for open items and check their personal data.

In addition, using the extended complaints processing provides customers with the following advantages:

  • Direct access to invoices and settlements

  • Easy creation of complaints and status tracking

  • Negotiations with the agent recorded as comments in the document history

Clearing Processing

With the existing invoice verification, efficient mass data handling for incoming invoices would be impossible, and the mapping of incoming invoices against internal clearing documents is not supported. In addition, differences need to be posted manually.

With this business function you can use a Clearing Workbench, which is a tool within Agency Business that allows you to implement an invoice verification for financial payment processes in addition to the standard logistical invoice verification. Moreover, incoming invoices can be mapped against internal clearing documents either manually or automatically.

In addition, the Clearing Workbench offers the following advantages:

  • Transparent monitoring and simplified handling of mass invoices to be assigned to internal clearing documents

  • Automation of the entire clearing process by means of configurable tolerances and automated posting of differences

  • Document assignments are transparently recorded in operations and can easily be tracked and reassigned


You have installed the following components as of the version mentioned:

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Is Needed Only for the Following Features

Software Component


In order to be able to use this business function, you must also activate the business function ISR_RET_AGENCY_2.


The business function ISR_RET_AGENCY_3 will activate additional Customizing activities within Customizing for Agency Business, in order to configure and activate the Clearing Workbench and the extended complaints processing, and to maintain the enterprise services related mapping information.

In addition to the Customizing-related enhancements, a new folder will be provided within the SAP Easy Access menu of Agency Business to run the related reports and transactions of the clearing process.

Complaints Processing

A new Web Dynpro application offers customers joint and personalized data access.

Customers can:

  • view their own invoices

  • display a list of their own open items

  • view their own master data

  • create complaints

  • select between several complaint reasons

  • track the status of documents and complaints

In addition, a new operative user interface is available within the ERP core application which enables you to handle complaints data and text information on the same screen, and to set a predefined complaint status.

Clearing Processing

A new Agency Business application enables agencies to run clearing processes based on agency-related invoices.

In addition, this new application offers the following advantages:

  • automatic assignment of existing agency-related invoices

  • possibility to predefine the handling of differences within the clearing process

enterprise services (B2B)

Standardized B2B enterprise services within Agency Business facilitate the exchange of invoices between agents and their business partners (suppliers). The services will be provided within ES Bundle Agency Business.

For further information, see the ES Bundle documentation.