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 Maintenance, Support for Flight Operations


Technical Data

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Type of Business Function

Enterprise Business Function

Available As Of

SAP enhancement package 4 for SAP ERP 6.0

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Application Component

Defense Forces & Public Security (IS-DFS)

Business Function That You Also Have to Activate

Not relevant

With this business function, you can use the functions for supporting flight operations from the Defense Forces & Public Security (DFPS) industry solution, without having to activate the related Enterprise Extension EA-DFP in switch framework Customizing (transaction code SFW5). You only need to install the EA-DFPS 604 ECC software component to be able to use the functions for supporting flight operations with this business function.

The functions for supporting flight operations are used to plan, control, and coordinate flight operations, execute and control maintenance, and for administration. All functions are integrated into the Plant Maintenance (PM) ERP component, which minimizes the training required for the new functions. It is also possible to implement the functions for supporting flight operations for plant maintenance operations that are not related to aircraft and flights.


Note the following dependencies between this business function and the EA-DFP Enterprise Extension:

You cannot activate this business function and the EA-DFP Enterprise Extension. Once you have activated either of them, you cannot deactivate them. This means that:

  • Customers that have activated this business function cannot activate the EA-DFP Enterprise Extension.

  • Customers that have activated the EA-DFP Enterprise Extension cannot activate this business function.

Therefore, before you activate either of them, check which of the two functionalities meet your requirements.

Note that some of the DFPS-specific functions for Support for Flight Operations are not contained in the features of this business function.

For more information, see SAP Library under Differences Between DFPS Version and General Version.


You have installed the following components for the version mentioned and higher:

Component Type


Only Required for the Following Functions

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Portal Content

Business Package for Defense Forces & Public Security 1.4

You have activated this business function and made the Customizing settings. In Customizing, choose: Start of the navigation path Plant Maintenance and Customer Service Next navigation step Support for Flight Operations End of the navigation path.


You can use the following functions:

  • The Flight as a special form of the maintenance order is the central instrument for mapping the flight operation. You can group several flights to missions.

  • The master equipment is a functional extension of the Equipment standard object and represents a complete object in an equipment hierarchy, such as an aircraft.

  • You can use the technical status and status board functions to get information, from a maintenance point of view, about the technical attributes (for example, the maintenance status) of a technical object.

  • You can use the operational status, configuration, flight plan, Event Monitor, and controlled usage rate functions from an operational control point of view to monitor the suitability and flight planning, coordinate flights and maintenance events, and optimally distribute periodic maintenance tasks over a year for all technical objects.

  • For the Status Board and Controlled Usage Rate applications, you can make technical settings to accelerate the data selection for master equipment with hierarchical structures.

  • You can use the aircraft accident entry function to document aircraft accidents.

  • You can use the maintenance book function to transfer all maintenance data for a technical object to a mobile data carrier.

  • You can use the training program function to map training programs for flights and maintenance orders.

  • You can use the staff assignment board function to plan operations for your personnel.

  • You can use the mass change usage rate function to change the usage rate for multiple aircraft at the same time.

  • You can use the archiving functions to archive maintenance notifications with reference to master equipment and a technical status, as well as flights and master equipment.

The functions are available in the SAP Easy Access Screen under Start of the navigation path Logistics Next navigation step Support for Flight Operations End of the navigation path.

For more information, see SAP Library under Support for Flight Operations. Choose: Start of the navigation path Defense Forces & Public Security Next navigation step Support for Flight Operations End of the navigation path.