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Function documentationProject System, Resource Related Billing Performance Improvement


Technical Data

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SAP enhancement package 6 for SAP ERP 6.0

Technical Usage

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Project System (PS)

Required Business Function

Not relevant

You can use this business function to use the following enhancements in Project System (PS):

  • Performance improvements and optimization in the Resource Related Billing process.

  • A Business Add-In (BAdI) that is used to accelerate the cost records read by selecting only limited fields in the DIP profile.

  • A BAdI that is used to aggregate cost in an optimized select query.


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Required for the following features only

Software Component



Performance Improvements in Resource Related Billing

The performance improvement for RRB is achieved by using an optimized select query that fetches the aggregated data from the database directly. This is a reversible business function.

Data is aggregated specific to the source 'Actual Cost — Line Items'. The number of records sent for the creation of dynamic items is considerably reduced and selecting only limited fields from the database helps improve performance. Reading of cost records is accelerated by selecting only limited fields maintained in the Dynamic Item Processor (DIP) profile. Post optimization, data is fetched only from the selected fields, thereby enabling reduced transfer of data from the database.

There is a BAdI that has been implemented to support the optimization for RRB.

Option to Enable RRB Optimization for a DIP Profile

You can use this BAdI to decide whether an optimized code needs to be run for a particular DIP profile. Additionally, you can use this BAdI to specify additional fields that needs to be fetched from the COVP table. This is applicable only for fields that require data from the COVP table which serve as input for further processing.