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 Retail, POS Inbound Enhancements


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SAP enhancement package 7 (SP10) for SAP ERP 6.0

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Logistics (LO)

You can use this business function to activate POS inbound processing for articles that are not listed for a site.


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    Software Component

    SAP_APPL 617


POS Inbound for Non-Listed Articles

With this feature, you can use POS inbound processing for articles that are not listed for a site.

Particularly in omni-channel retailing, customers often buy an article via a particular channel (for example, the Internet) or in one particular store, but then want to return this article in another store where the article is not regularly sold, that is, it is not included in the assortment of the store. The store needs to post a (negative) POS sale for this article, to make this returns transaction known to the system as a basis for further activities, for example, selling the article again, returning it to the DC, or posting the stock to waste.

In such a scenario, the required master data segments for POS inbound processing of the article and site are usually missing, so POS inbound processing is not possible.

With this feature, required article master data segments can be created during POS inbound processing for sales as per receipts (IDoc WPUBON) and aggregated sales (IDoc WPUUMS), in order to process POS inbound for non-listed articles. Created article master data segments comprise:

  • Logistic data (table MARC)

  • Storage location data (table MARD)

  • Valuation data (table MBEW)

If not available yet, sales data (table MVKE) for the article and distribution chain of the store is created as well. The article will not be listed in the store, and will be made inactive for automatic store replenishment and MRP. The valuation price for the article is determined from the source of supply (supplying site or external vendor).