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 EWM Integration into Manufacturing


Technical Data

Technical name of business function


Type of business function

Enterprise Business Function

Available as of

SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 4

Technical usage

Central applications

Application component

Production Orders (PP-SFC)

Kanban (PP-KAB)

Repetitive Manufacturing (PP-REM)

Integration Extended Warehouse Management (LE-IEW)

Supplementary constituents in other SAP applications

As of SAP EWM 7.0

Dependent business function that you must additionally activate

Business Function LE, Extended Warehouse Management Integration LOG_LE_INTEGRATION

This business function enables you to use the SAP Extended Warehouse Management System in conjunction with the ERP system to administer the storage and staging of components and finished products. With the integration of EWM into the processes of production planning and control, you benefit from powerful EWM functions that enable you to optimize the flexibility and transparency of your warehouse.

By integrating SAP EWM with the PP processes, you can handle complete end-to-end processes with materials that are entirely or partly located at EWM-managed storage locations.

Through the use of EWM-managed warehouses, logistical processes become more transparent. For this reason, such integration facilitates better tracking of materials and better identification of weak points, thereby bringing an overall improvement in the supply chain or parts thereof.


SAP EWM is integrated in the following PP components:

  • Conventional manufacturing (production and process orders)

  • Kanban

  • Repetitive manufacturing


You have installed the following components as of the named version:

Type of component


Needed for the following functions only

Software component


Technical component or business content, e.g. Portal Content

Not relevant

  • You have activated the business function LE, Extended Warehouse Management Integration LOG_LE_INTEGRATION .

  • You have activated this business function.

  • You have made all the settings for EWM integration in Customizing for the component Logistics Execution under Extended Warehouse Management Integration .


This business function provides the following functions for the integration of Extended Warehouse Management:

  • In the field of production and process orders:

    • Goods receipt of finished products after confirmation

    • Transfer of the components for staging in production

    • Issue of the components within the framework of confirmation

  • In the field of repetitive manufacturing:

    • Goods receipt of finished products after confirmation

    • Transfer of the components for staging in production

  • Replenishment in the field of Kanban:

    All replenishment strategies are supported.