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Background documentationList of Contracts


As soon as you create a claim bundle in the category of Multiple Contracts, the system displays the contracts of the policyholder or insured person on the Contract Overview tab page .

Display of Contracts

The system considers the following contracts:

  • Contracts of the policyholder or insured person that are active on the date of loss.

  • Contracts in those lines of insurance that are assigned to the relevant claim bundle type in Customizing activity Assign Line of Insurance to a Claim Bundle Type (path: Start of the navigation path Claims Management Next navigation step Claim Bundle Next navigation step Business Settings Next navigation step Multiple Contract Handling Next navigation step Assign Line of Insurance to a Claim Bundle Type End of the navigation path)

    Example Example

    In the Customizing activity, you assign only the lines of insurance Health and Life to the claim bundle type Person. On the Contract Overview tab page, the system then displays only contracts from health insurance and life insurance.

    End of the example.

    The settings in this Customizing activity are used in the default implementation of the Business Add-In (BAdI) BADI_ICLE_MC, method FILTER_CONTRACTS, to restrict the list of displayed contracts even further. If you need other criteria to filter the contracts, you must create your own implementation for this BAdI. You can use this BAdI to change the sequence of contracts displayed.

Functions From List of Contracts

From this list of contracts, the activities that you can perform include the following:

  • With each contract, you can navigate to the policy snapshot and thus view the most important contract data (such as start and end date of contract, coverages, sum insured). To do so, click the contract number.

    Note Note

    This function is triggered by function code MCDSPPSNAP (Display Policy Snapshot). You use the following settings to define the format/structure of the screen or dialog box that appears:

    • Customizing activity Control Data Capture in 'Multiple Contract Handling'


    End of the note.
  • For example, if a contract was created after the date of loss, you can add this contract manually (see Add Contract Manually).

  • You can also remove a contract (see Remove Contract).

  • Regardless of the data that you enter, the system creates a claim on a contract (see Create Claim).