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 Logistics: S&D Simplification

Technical Data

Technical Name of Business Function


Type of Business Function

Enterprise Business Function

Available As Of

SAP Enhancement Package 2 for SAP ERP 6.0

Technical Usage

Central Applications

Application Component

SAP Sales and Distribution (SD)

Directly Dependent Business Function Requiring Activation in Addition

Not relevant


Activating this business function helps you to define more transparent and efficient sales processes. Your sales employees can use a variety of Web applications in the ERP portal, and there are additional functions available in order processing.

Note Note

The Lean Order interface (LORD) controls the services and Web Dynpro applications for sales document processing. If you activate this business function in your system and there is at least one business function set (BFS) for an industry solution in this system, you must switch on the LORD interface for the industry solution.

For more information, see SAP Note 1224834 (Lean Order Interfaces with Active Business Function Set) .

End of the note.


You have installed the following components as of the version mentioned:

Type of Component


Is Needed Only for the Following Features

Software Component


Portal Content

SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.0; Business Package for Internal Sales Representative 1.2

Business Intelligence Content

SAP NetWeaver Business Explorer (BI) 7.0.3 SP06


Business Package for Internal Sales Representative

Employees assigned to the portal role Internal Sales Representative have easy access to comprehensive sales information for the sales process in the portal. New work centers with new personal worklists optimize how they work and manifold services simplify and speed up the sales process.

Your sales employees can find these Web applications on a Web user interface in clearly structured, new or enhanced work sets.

The following work centers are available for the sales employees.

Work Overview

In this work center, your sales employees can find their entirepersonal worklist which gives them a quick overview of all their tasks.

  • To make the overview clearer, the worklists that technically belong together are grouped together in different categories.

  • There are links for accessing each personal object worklist (POWL) via links. For example, you can get a list containing incomplete sales orders or a list with sales orders blocked for delivery.

  • You can display or change the documents directly from the work lists.

  • You can incorporate these lists in your company's processes by creating a print version or exporting them to an Excel file.

  • Personalization functions allow your sales employees to adapt the work lists to their personal tasks by creating personal views and layouts, for example.

  • You can use analyses to determine order values, business volume values, as well as incoming orders.


In this work center, your sales employees find the information they need to quickly react to customer inquiries.

  • A powerful search function quickly finds the requested customer data so the employee can react directly to the customers' wishes.

  • The Customer Cockpit is a working environment that enables the sales employee to react very effectively to customer inquiries.

    • The most important data, such as address and communication data, is displayed.

    • The worklist is specifically adjusted to the selected customer, such as the list Last 10 Sales Documents . Multiple navigation options take you to additional customer information or services for further processing, such as displaying and changing customer data or order status tracking.

  • The Customer Fact Sheet provides important customer information as a complement to the Customer Cockpit. The sales employee can use this data to prepare for customer visits, for example. A configurable information block contains, for example, address data, business partner data, and credit information. You can check sales documents for this customer and process the list of contact persons. There are several analytical functions available for customer evaluations, such as the incoming orders expected based on open quotations.

  • The Price and Availability Information provides quick information on prices and available quantities for one or more materials.

The system checks the freely available quantity in accordance with the availability check in the selected plant (ATP quantity). This information is based on a specific customer and ensures that the system considers customer-specific prices and rebates.

If the sales employee does not know the customer number at the time of the query, they can use a 'dummy' customer.

Customer Maintenance is the main initial screen for sales employees when they want to process sales-relevant and general customer master data for the sales process. If you display customer master data, for example, you can call the customer fact sheet for additional data or switch to change mode if you need to make changes. In this Web application, you can also create new customers.


In this work center, your sales employees can process sales documents that need to be checked and, if necessary, changed for the further sales process, such as quotations, orders, and contracts.

The sales documents are grouped in personal object worklists that provide the specific functions and services required for the respective processing situation.

For example, the following personal object worklists are available with integrated processing functions:

  • Order Tracking

    You can directly call up the status of sales orders and see which sales steps have already been carried out, such as delivery, storage, goods movement, billing (for order-related billing), and rejection. There are multiple navigation options, for example you can call up the document flow or the detailed data of a document.

  • Call-Off Situation of Contracts

    You get information on the release situation of contract items (quantity contracts and value contracts) and can directly create an order for the selected contract.

  • Monitoring Individual Purchase Orders

    You monitor the progress of sales orders with individual purchase orders and can quickly give the customer information about the goods receipt or time and quantity deviations.

  • Results of Rescheduling

    If you have executed rescheduling for backordered sales orders, you can check the changes made to the already confirmed delivery dates and quantities and inform your customer about them.

  • Additional personal object worklists: Sales documents, expiring documents, incomplete sales documents, delivery blocked sales documents

Order Fulfillment

In this work center, your sales employees can monitor the order fulfillment and carry out any necessary steps in order processing.

For example, the following personal object worklists are available with integrated processing functions:

  • Delivery Due Orders

    This list contains sales orders that are due for shipment and quickly provides your sales employee with an overview of the labor required. You can also use the selected delivery due list to make manual changes to the planned delivery situation.

  • Picking List without Lean WM

    You can use this worklist to process deliveries with items relevant for picking without Lean Warehouse Management (Lean WM). For example, you can copy a pick quantity as the delivery quantity or pick an outbound delivery with a material to be handled in batches.

  • Picking List with Lean WM

    You can use this worklist to process deliveries with items relevant for picking with Lean Warehouse Management. For a selected delivery, you can create transfer orders with which stock movements (such as stock removals) can be executed in the warehouse management system. There are various processing options depending on the batch management requirement:

  • Transfer Order Confirmation List

    This gives you an overview of the deliveries with transfer orders that require confirmation. You can check the transfer orders and confirm them in the foreground or in the background.

  • Due for Post Goods Issue

    You can post one or more outbound deliveries as goods issues.

Billing / Complaint

In this work center, your sales employees can carry out billing and complaints processing.

For example, the following personal object worklists are available with integrated processing functions:

  • Billing Due List

    You can select all SD documents due for billing and create billing documents in the foreground or in the background (collective billing document). You can bill various kinds of documents, such as deliveries that are posted in the goods issue, contracts with billing plans, as well as credit and debit memo requests.

    You can create an individual billing document in the foreground. The system processes a collective billing document in the background.

  • Billing Documents

    You get an overview of the billing documents primarily for one customer. An important piece of information is the processing status of the billing documents. You can check, for example, if the accounting document has been created, or if the document is incorrect, paid, or not paid.

  • Billing Items for Complaints

    You get an overview of the billing items primarily for one customer. An important piece of information is the processing status of the billing documents. You can check, for example, if the accounting document has been created, or if the document is incorrect, paid, or not paid.

    Sales employees can create a subsequent document such as a return, credit memo request, or debit memo request.


This work center provides the sales employee with a flexible overview of the various price types as well as with comprehensive search options to find price data according to different selection criteria.

  • These functions are provided as personal object worklists.

  • The sales employee gets different lists with the customer-specific agreements, such as customer-specific prices, rebates, and free goods.

  • In addition, there are lists with prices for materials or freight costs. The sales employee also gets access to differentiated price lists for retail and wholesale trade.

Additional Functions for Order Processing
Connecting sales documents and billing documents to the search engine

Your sales employees can use an extended search function for sales documents and billing documents.

By connecting to the SAP search engine, it is possible to do a simple search as well as an extended search.

  • For a simple search , you enter a search term on the selection screen. The search engine finds a document if the word you entered occurs in it - independent of which field in the word occurs in. The search includes texts that are assigned to the document. For a sales document, you can also restrict the search to a transaction activity (sales document type).

  • The extended search provides additional fields (attributes) from the sales documents. By using this data, you can more accurately filter the hit list.

PDF-Based Forms

PDF-based forms are defined for the sales process in the Form Builder. These forms are used by the portal role Internal Sales Representative for the Customer Fact Sheet Web application, for example. These PDF-based forms replace the SAPscript forms used up to now.

The following PDF forms have been defined:

  • Order Confirmation (SD_SDOC_FORM01)

  • Invoice/Billing Document (SD_INVOICE_FORM01)

  • Invoice List (SD_BIL_LIST_FORM01)

  • Customer Contacts (SD_CAS_FORM01)

  • Output Form for Customer Fact Sheet (SD_CFS_FORM01)

  • Mailing Example for Customer Contact (SD_CAS_MAIL_FORM01)

Down Payments Based on Document Conditions

In the sales process, a customer can make a down payment on a sales order. The down payment value is stored in the order as a statistical condition and copied to the billing document. In this process, the down payment made is cleared in accounting. This is true for both order-related billing and delivery-related billing.

For more information, see the SAP Library under Sales and Distribution -> Billing -> Down Payments for Sales Orders -> Down Payment Processing Procedure (Based on: Document Condition).

Enhanced material search and material view in sales order processing
  • Enhanced Material Search with Creation

    This function provides an index-based material search with a full text search across all fields, as well as the entry of further search criteria, an error tolerance, and key word search. So that the search generates an optimal results list, you can use additional functions such as displaying stock information from selectable plants/stores as well as different prices. The integrated catalog search allows you to search for vendor products. You can start the simplified creation of a material from the search function.

  • Material view

    You see detailed material and customer information for order items.

For more information, see the Release Note about functional enhancements for order processing.

Business Add-InRestart Authorization of Credit Cards in Billing Document Processing

When you implement this BAdI, you can restart the authorization for credit card payment from the billing document.

Enhancements for SAP ERP and SAP SCM cross-application processes

The BI extractor for the product instance (SAP NetWeaver, Business Intelligence) and the CIF interface have been enhanced with information on location and location category. The Service Fill Monitor from the SAP SCM area uses this information, for example.