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 Admissions Portal Applications in Student Lifecycle Management


As of SAP enhancement package 7 for SAP ERP 6.0, Industry Extension Public Services, the Business Function Admissions Portal for Higher Education Institutions (ISHERCM_ADMISSION_PORTAL) is available that enables you to create admission applications which can be further processed using a related decision framework. Applicants can then use this runtime online form to complete and submit applications to higher education institutions using their website.

Effects on Existing Data

The following changes were made to the existing functions:

  • New tabs have been introduced, which display information about each student admission divided into the following topics:

    1. General: Displays general academic information about an applicant, including the application number, academic year and session, and any relevant notes.

    2. Fees: Displays available information on fees, including the fee type and status, overall amount due, and pending amounts.

    3. Documents: Display all documents required by the university, such as health insurance certificates, and documents uploaded by the student or generated by the university admissions department.

  • The confirmation page at the end of the admissions process can now be configured to redirect students to a customized landing page.

  • A number of actions such as customizing buttons or highlighting functions, can now be configured without the need for code changes.

Application Form Designer for Use by Administrators


  • Use the Generic Application Form Designer to create two kinds of questionnaires for a prospective applicants, a preliminary questionnaire to gather basic information, and which is then used to direct applicants to the actual questionnaire based on the course offering chosen.

  • Use the Generic Application Form designer to design a multitude of forms, similar to the preliminary questionnaire, in which questions based on backend text fields together with dependent questions can be used for specific course offerings or academic sessions. The forms are then completed by applicants on the university admissions portal site or app.

  • Create multiple admissions application forms to meet the admissions needs of your institution using the transaction PIQ_FDCONFIG.


Runtime Online Application Form for Use by Applicants

  • Applicants can directly access the admissions portal through the higher education institution web site, log on, fill in the application form and submit it electronically, together with necessary supporting documents.

  • Applicants with confirmed admission can also use the My Requests application to complete the registration process. In the event that an application is temporarily rejected, users can reupload the required documents

  • Users can now register for open admission courses, as well as high-demand admission restricted courses. Users can now also partially accept offers in the case of composite course offerings, where the university offers admission to part of a major/minor course offering combination. They can also reject an offer and make an alternative choice.

  • The following new functions are available:

    1. Print Preview

    2. Print

    3. Withdraw

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