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 Defining the RFC Destination


Before two or more systems can communicate with each other, the technical coupling between them must be set up. The target address for the data transfer is determined during the setup of an RFC destination in the ERP system. The name of the corresponding RFC destination must be identical to the name of the logical target system. One RFC destination is required for each target client (for example, 001).


System administration needs to have made the necessary system settings in the distribution model (ALE).

See Checklist for Setting Up the System Infrastructure


Call transaction SM59.

The Configuration of RFC Connections screen appears.

Choose Create .

The RFC Destination screen appears.

Enter the required data as follows:



RFC Destination

<Name of the RFC destination>. Choose any name.

Use a maximum of 10 characters for the name.

Connection Type

Use the input help (F4) to select the appropriate connection type. In this case: Type 3 (connection to R/3 system)


<Any entry>.

Client 001 on target machine X


Not necessary


Not necessary

Setting the indicator gives you access to a diagnosis tool.


Use the input help (F4) to select the appropriate client.

The client setting is dependent on the current user’s authorization profile (Customizing).


<Any entry>.

The user specified here must also have the appropriate authorization profile created in the target system. If you want to debug all applications, the appropriate user in the target system must be created as a dialog user with debugging permissions.


<Any entry>. Presetting at delivery: initial .

Save your entries.

The Technical Settings group box displays additional entry fields.

Enter the required data as follows:



Load Distribution

Select “No”.

Only worthwhile if the SCM instance is implemented in a distributed system environment.

Target Host


To determine the destination of the target machine:

Select Start menu à SAP logon

Select Server...

Copy the description from the entry field Message Server .

System Number

Specify the number of your target system.

To determine the system number:

Start your SAP logon

Select your target system

Select Properties.

A dialog box appears that displays the system number.

Choose DestinationTRFC options . In the Connection attempts up to task field, enter a value >10, and in the Time betw. 2 tries (mins) field, enter the value 2. Confirm your entries by choosing Continue .

Choose either classic qRFC or bgRFC . In most cases, you choose classic qRFC.

Running a connection test is optional.

Choose Exit.