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 Deleting Integration Models


You can delete deactivated integration models. Deactivated integration models are not deleted automatically.

We recommend that you regularly delete inactive integration models for performance reasons.


The integration model must be deactivated before it is deleted (RIMODACT).

See Activation and Deactivation of Integration Models


For SAP R/3 3.1I - 4.5B, open the CIF area menu (transaction CIF). Choose Integration ModelDelete.

As of SAP R/3 4.6B, choose Logistics Central Functions Supply Chain Planning Interface Core Interface Advanced Planner and Optimizer Integration Model →Delete.

You can also call this report (RIMODDEL) using transaction CFM7.

The Delete Integration Model screen appears.

Select an integration model based on the following selection criteria:


Logical system


Creation date

Creation time

Created by

The above selection criteria are optional entries. The report can be started even if only one criterion is defined. You can use the Selection Options pushbutton to further restrict the selection criteria.

The system displays a warning message if you try to include active integration models in your selection. Select again. You can only proceed to the actual deletion stage if your selection includes inactive integration models only.

Choose the Delete pushbutton. A message appears to confirm that the deletion was successful. All integration models shown in the results list are deleted.