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 Finding Filter Objects


You can search for specific filter objects in integration models.

Example Example

Which materials are available in which plant.

End of the example.


To be able to find relevant filter objects, at least one integration model must be generated (RIMODGEN) and activated (RIMODACT) (see Generating Integration Models and Activation and Deactivation of Integration Models ).


  1. For SAP R/3 3.1I - 4.5B, open the CIF area menu (transaction CIF). Choose Start of the navigation path Integration Model Next navigation step Filter Object Search. End of the navigation path

    Start of the navigation path As of SAP R/3 4.6B, choose Logistics Next navigation step Central Functions Next navigation step Supply Chain Planning Interface Next navigation step Core Interface Advanced Planner and Optimizer Next navigation step Integration Model Next navigation step Filter Object Search. End of the navigation path

    You can also call report RIMODSRH using transaction CFM5.

    The Search for Filter Objects in Integration Models screen appears.

    When selecting the procedure for Generating Integration Models , select the types of filter objects and use selection options to restrict the search if necessary.

  2. Result

    The system displays a list of all filter objects that correspond to your selection criteria.

    You can use the Details pushbutton to navigate to the list of material/plant combinations for the filter object type selected.

    You can use the Models pushbutton to display the integration model in which the selected material/plant combination already exists, and to see which activity mode is valid.