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 Assigning Logical System and Queue Type


To enable error-free communication with the SCM system, each source system (ERP) must be assigned to a business system group (BSG). A BSG can be composed of one or more source systems.

You assign a logical system and a queue type (outbound or inbound) to the BSG. For more information about assigning the queue type, see Setting Up the Target System and Assigning the Queue Type .

For more information, see Setting Up the System Infrastructure .


As of SAP R/3 Plug-In 2000.1, this setting is made in Customizing and it is documented in the Implementation Guide (IMG) for SCM Basis.

If you work with SAP APO, see also the Implementation Guide (IMG) for SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization (SAP APO) under Start of the navigation path SAP Advanced Planning and Optimizer (SAP APO) Next navigation step Basis Settings Next navigation step Integration Next navigation step Business System Group Next navigation step Assign Logical System and Queue Type End of the navigation path .