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 Activating BTEs for CIF Integration


The transfer of changes to transaction data is carried out as an online transfer in most cases. In some cases, it may also make sense to carry out the transfer of changes to master data as an online transfer.

To be able to use this online transfer, you need to activate Business Transaction Events (BTEs) for integration via CIF in the ERP system. If you have an integrated system infrastructure with several ERP systems, this step must be made in each ERP system before online transfer can be used.


  1. In the ERP system, use transaction BF11 to call the Change View "Application Indicator": Overview screen.

  2. Set the application indicator for ND-APO (New Dimension Plug-In APO) or NDI (New Dimension Integration) to active.


The online transfer is activated for transaction data.

To activate the online transfer of master data, you need to follow additional steps. For more information, see Initial Creation of Master Data in the section Online Transfer Using Business Transfer Events .