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9.2.2 Create a Portlet Pointing to a WDA Application Via NWBCLocate this document in the navigation structure

  1. Log in to the IBM WebSphere Portal as administrator and choose Administration .

  2. Select Web Clipping from the navigation bar (section Portlet Management ) and choose the New Portlet pushbutton.

    New Portlet

  3. Enter a default name for the portlet, URL (as specified below), and a description for the portlet. After that choose the Advanced Options pushbutton.

    Advanced options

    The URL is specified as follows:

      <protocol>://<ABAP host name>:<ABAP port>./sap/bc/nwbc/~canvas;window=<window type>/wda/<WDA application>/

    The following parts have to be replaced like this:


    Protocol; either http or https

    <ABAP host name>

    Host name of the ABAP system

    <ABAP port>

    Port of the ABAP system for to the selected protocol

    <window type>




    Window type can have one of the following values:

    • main shows full L-shape around the application

    • app shows only a small header around the application

    • embedded embeds the application without visible header

    <WDA application>

    Relative path to the WDA application


    To start the embedded EPM purchase order worklist, you can use this link:;window=embedded/wda/sap/s_epm_wd_po_list/

  4. In the dialog, choose Modify display options .

    Modify display options

  5. The Web Dynpro ABAP application has to be embedded within an IFrame. Choose the Inside an IFRAME on the portal page radio button, set Width to 100 percent, Height to 600 pixels, for example, choose the Allow the browser to access resources directly radio button and choose the OK pushbutton.

    Allow the browser to access resources directly

  6. Choose Next and you can see a preview of your application.

  7. Choose the Finish pushbutton.