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INSTALL.06 Can We Use NWBC If our SAP NetWeaver Version Is Older Than Stated in SAP Note 1368177?Locate this document in the navigation structure



We have a version of SAP NetWeaver which is older than the versions described in SAP Note 1368177 Information published on SAP site. Can we use NWBC anyway?


No, NWBC is only supported for the releases as described in INSTALL.03 On which SAP NetWeaver Versions is NWBC v3.0 supported? and INSTALL.05 We have an old version of SAP NetWeaver, can we use NWBC?.


For very special use cases that are not for productive use, see SAP Note 1400653 Information published on SAP site. This note is released only internally and is only a guide to possible options that can be considered for internal test and demo systems.