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Oftentimes users open a problem ticket stating only that NWBC crashed. However, it is not possible to know whether the fault was that of the NWBC shell, whether the crash happened because of the SAP GUI used as the content, whether it is a JavaScript error, or whether the ABAP runtime itself caused a rabax.


To enable us to further analyze the problem, you need to provide screenshots of the desktop (or at least NWBC shell) showing exactly what crashed. If possible, include text that describes the exact type of crash.

  • An SAP GUI crash can be recognized by the mouse cursor that changes to include the word “crash”. In this case, we highly recommend to first install the latest SAP GUI and retest the application. If it still crashes, check if the application can be executed directly within SAP GUI without crashing. If it crashes also in a standalone case, send problem tickets to BC-FES-GUI.

  • If it is an ABAP rabax, it is important to also attach the text of the rabax by using the ABAP Dump Analysis transaction ST22). In this case, the error is usually caused by the running application, and you need to send the problem ticket to that specific component. Find out which component triggered the rabax (class, report, and so on.), navigate to the containing package, and determine the assigned application component (which is the component to be used for the problem ticket).

  • For a JavaScript error, the error is usually caused by the application in the content area and not by NWBC. The best solution is to reproduce the error without NWBC and then investigate why the Web application triggers a JavaScript error.