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6.5.3 APIs to Export Content to SAP NetWeaver PortalLocate this document in the navigation structure


For communication with an enterprise portal several APIs are available.


The portal APIs are protected in the following ways:

  • The ICF service /sap/bc/nwbc/exprt_sapportal needs to be activated explicitly.

  • The authority object S_NWBC must have the following settings for its authorization fields:







The following methods are provided:




This method lists the roles that have been assigned to the user. This corresponds to the information provided by GET_ROLES. For more information, see 6.4 ABAP-Based APIs . Information can be queued for one or more user names.


For each role, this method lists detailed information about the role itself, as well as the navigation tree for the role. This corresponds to the information provided by a combination of GET_ROLES and GET_NAVIGATION_TREE.

.../nwbc/~sapportal/RoleModifiedSince?role=<role>&...&role=<roleN>[&from= YYYYMMDDhhmmss]

For a given set of roles, this method returns only those roles that have been updated since the supplied time stamp. This roughly corresponds to the information provided by GET_ROLES.


Test page for interactive test of ~sapportal methods. In contrast to a direct call, method parameters are limited to one user name or role name, respectively.

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