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You can use the short variant of the URL described in the table below to start NWBC with only a shell. The long variant of the URL can load any type of content on startup.

By merging the different URL elements, the complete URL looks as follows:

[optional protocol handler://][optional authentication sequence@]<server sequence>/<ICF path>/[optional cockpit/]



Only NWBC for Desktop



E-mail bootstrap




This element is specifically available for NWBC for Desktop: If the startup URL is to be embedded in an e-mail, add the url: prefix to signal to Microsoft Outlook that this is a startable link and that it should be treated as a hyperlink.

Protocol handler for desktop client




The protocol handler is an extension added to Windows to allow NWBC to be started in the same way as a normal URL. When this “URL” starting with NWBC is used within a browser or from a startup icon, the URL is opened in the NWBC shell itself. This protocol handler is needed only if you intend to start NWBC for Desktop. If NWBC for HTML is to be started, the protocol handler need not be specified.




<name>:<password>[optional connection parameters]@optional connection parameters





Similar to ftp://<name>.<password>@<server> for imbedding authentication into the URL.

Supported only with NWBC for Desktop.

The connection is used to determine the type of server to which the connection is established; the default is an ABAP server.

The proxy parameters can be employed to optionally specify a proxy used to establish the connection. Note that you must usually specify both an HTTP proxy (;proxy sequence) and an HTTPS proxy ( ;proxy-secure sequence). If necessary, supply the proxy authentication information ( ;proxy-authentication sequence). If a proxy configuration is specified, NWBC changes the Internet Explorer settings to use the proxy settings (for the current process) and restores the original settings when terminated.

Server address



For the server address, use the regular http(s):// sequence with a fully qualified domain name (FQDN).

NWBC handler path





This is the path within the ICF service tree to the NWBC handler. By default, use /sap/bc/nwbc or, if available, the shorter /nwbc alias. You can also have a different ICF path specified in the ICF service tree.






Optional cockpit that is a filter onto the role repository. Alternatively, you can use the name of a role that is used in the same way as a cockpit. This means that only the role is displayed.

Trailing slash /



The extra slash / is needed to lock the previous segment.


Link to start NWBC for HTML:


Link to start NWBC for Desktop:



When the link is to be triggered from an e-mail, add the url: prefix:



A more complex example (only relevant for NWBC for Desktop) that includes authentication information and also information to traverse a proxy:



It is the user's responsibility to take the appropriate security measures to prevent misuse of the user's credentials such as user ID and password. Do not store the URL that contains the personal user and password anywhere where it could be read and misused. Be aware that Web browser URLs are stored in a history list and the password would be visible in plain text, even after the browser is closed.


We recommend that you use a non-secret user and password to prevent misuse.

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