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The Menu Options function on the Menu tab page contains several additional attributes for a given role. A role can also have additional attributes that are relevant only for NWBC. However, these attributes are required for NWBC only for specific use cases . For example, you can assign a role to a specific cockpit.

You can use the additional attributes in this dialog box for a role in customer systems. These attributes are used to associate specific information with the role, with the result that the NWBC runtime can make the relevant rendering decisions.

The figure below shows the additional attributes available in the Menu Options and is followed by an explanation:

Menu Options dialog box

Runtime Filter

You can specify that a role is filtered out of the menu on the SAP Easy Access screen or in NWBC:

  • Hide Menu from SAP Easy Access

    By selecting this checkbox, this role is removed from the menu on the SAP Easy Access screen.

  • Hide Menu from NWBC

    By selecting this checkbox, this specific role is not made visible in NWBC. It is filtered out.

Cockpit Filter

This attribute is used only together with cockpits. If NWBC is accessed in the default mode, all roles are made visible. If NWBC is accessed via a cockpit, only those roles that belong to the cockpit specified using Cockpit are made visible. That enables building small mini-scenarios, giving the user a specific view of the system.

However, it is possible that the roles belonging to a cockpit are specific only for this scenario and should not be made available in general. Nevertheless, even if a role is flagged as belonging to a specific cockpit, it is still made visible when NWBC is accessed without a cockpit filter.

You can choose between the following cockpit filter settings:

  • Cockpit

    If a user accesses NWBC using a cockpit (which is defined in ICF as a child node to the NWBC node), only those roles that belong to the cockpit are displayed; in this case roles that are flagged with the cockpit attribute. Note that the cockpit name must match the relevant entry in the ICF service tree.

    This attribute tags a role as explicitly belonging to a specific cockpit. That is, the cockpit is a filter on all roles, returning only those roles that are actively defined as explicitly belonging to the cockpit.

    It is theoretically possible to use this attribute more than once per role to indicate that the role belongs to more than one cockpit.

  • Cockpit Exclusive

    Select this checkbox to indicate that this role is made visible only within the context of the cockpit specified above and not when NWBC is accessed without a filter. That is, this role may only be used in the tagged cockpits and not generally.

Relative Sorting

To specify the order in which the roles should be positioned in the NWBC shell, use the following functions:

  • Sort Index

    Allows roles to be sorted relative to one another. These numbers do not have to be in sequence. We recommend that you use large steps of 100 to give the roles a sort index relative to one another.

  • Home Role

    This checkbox defines that the role must be mapped onto the home position, which is the first position on the shell. This is equivalent to a Sort Index of 1 .

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