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5.12.7 Dynamic System Target for OBNLocate this document in the navigation structure


An OBN can dynamically, that is at the point of being resolved, decide to target a different system. An example of this scenario is an SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) solution or an SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution wishing to navigate to an SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to display a specific business document. However, in large installations, there could typically be more than one ERP system involved, with the exact selection of the ERP system only known based on the document or business object that actually triggers the object-based navigation. In such cases, although a target system may be configured in transaction Role Maintenance ( PFCG), the actual target system is only known at runtime and must be passed as part of the OBN call.

With dynamic system target for OBN, it is not necessary to enter a remote system for the target in transaction PFCG. Instead, during the OBN navigation, add an additional OBN parameter called System that must have the value of the target system field. This value is used at runtime during the OBN resolving to determine the target system dynamically. Connections of type H must be added to the RFC Destinations (Display/Maintain) ( SM59) transaction.

For more information about target system names, see 5.11 Remote Systems .