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5.12 Object-Based NavigationLocate this document in the navigation structure


Object-based navigation (OBN) is a form of loosely coupled communication through indirection, where the caller does not know the final transaction being executed. If you have, for example, a list of sales orders and the user clicks one entry to display the sales order, the listed application triggers an OBN to destination SalesOrder.Display with the parameter number=59. By using transaction Role Maintenance ( PFCG), you can configure the exact transaction to be called to handle this navigation. This target transaction could be different for different users or in different locations, which would be expressed by the assignment of specific roles to the user.

In this example the following concepts are important: the indirect navigation and the handling of parameters .

The following aspects of OBN are explained in detail:

  • OBN Overview provides a general overview of different OBN features.

  • Determining the OBN Interface explains the use of objects from the Business Object Repository (BOR).

  • Defining an OBN Target describes the procedure to set up an OBN navigation target in transaction PFCG.

  • Parameter Mapping lists the rules for parameter mapping and gives an example of inbound parameters, mapping table, and outbound parameters.

  • Determining Parameters for Transactions specifies important aspects regarding parameter mapping for classic ABAP transactions.

  • OBN Target In Remote System describes a special use case of OBN targets being in different remote systems.

  • Dynamic System Target for OBN describes a special use case of OBN target resolving during runtime.