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3.4.4 Configuring Personalization SettingsLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can make different configuration settings that help you personalize the design of NWBC. Choose Start of the navigation path Settings Next navigation step Personalize End of the navigation path. The Personalize dialog box opens.

The personalization options are as follows:




You can choose between Standard and High Contrast . The figure below shows the high-contrast theme and the standard theme in comparison:

Example of the Themes

The high-contrast theme applies to the shell as well as to Web Dynpro applications, SAP GUI transactions, and service maps loaded in the content area. Content embedded as Web URL is not displayed with the high-contrast theme. If you change the theme for an SAP GUI transaction, you have to restart NWBC for the change to take effect.

Font Size

Use the slider to increase or decrease the font size.

Navigation Tabs

You can choose between small and large navigation tabs.

Accessibility Mode

Use this option to enable the accessibility mode. Accessibility mode means that the rendered HTML pages contain additional HTML coding, which provides input for screen readers.

Animated Focus

This option improves the display of the active focus. A red frame is displayed around the focused screen element. When you press the tab key, the focus and the red frame move to the next element.

Easy Access Favorites in Favorites Menu

You can use this option to display the Favorites that you have defined in the SAP Easy Access menu in SAP GUI.

This option is only relevant for NWBC for Desktop.

Easy Access Favorites as Work Center

This option displays your SAP Easy Access Favorites as a work center.

This option is only relevant for NWBC for Desktop.

Use SAP Menu Instead of User Menu

You can use this option to display the SAP menu instead of the menu of your role defined in transaction Role Maintenance ( PFCG).

This option is only relevant for NWBC for Desktop.

Show Transaction Codes

This option allows you to display the transaction codes (technical names) in addition to the transaction names in the navigation panel.

This option is only relevant for NWBC for Desktop.

Enable Window Manager

In the Window menu, a window manager is offered that helps the user to control the placement and appearance of NWBC windows. To access the window manager, choose Start of the navigation path Window Next navigation step Open Window Manager End of the navigation path.

The window manager shows all open windows and allows you to change the appearance and placements of the windows.

Hide System Selector on Start-Up

This option is activated per default. If this checkbox is selected, NWBC automatically logs on to the last active system connection.

If you deselect this checkbox, NWBC displays a system selection screen, just like the normal logon screen, where you can select all systems that have been configured, change or delete existing connections, and create new ones.