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2.10 Logging OffLocate this document in the navigation structure


When you have finished working with NWBC, log off by choosing the Log Off pushbutton (in NWBC for HTML only) or the X icon in the corner at the top of the screen.

In NWBC for Desktop, you can choose Start of the navigation path Window Next navigation step Close All and Log Off End of the navigation path. This closes all active windows, terminates all sessions, and closes all applications in NWBC.


Be careful about distinguishing between authentication (which allows the browser to interact with the server) and a logoff sequence (which terminates all sessions on the server) especially in NWBC for HTML. Depending on the authentication method that is used within the browser, it is possible to log off from the server, and consequently have all sessions terminated while having the authentication information available within the browser (for example, when using browser-supported basic authentication or when using digital certificates). For example, if digital certificates are used and the browser interacts with the server again, a new session is automatically started. Therefore, we highly recommend that you close the browser window after logoff.