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SEC.04 SSO Logon Not Possible; Logon Tickets Not Activated on ServerLocate this document in the navigation structure



During logon, this error message is displayed. The logon application indicates that it is not possible to issue a logon ticket. Such a logon ticket ( MYSAPSSO2 cookie) is important for NWBC to enable the shell to communicate with the server and for starting different types of applications without requiring a re-authentication process each time. There are a large number of reasons why this could fail, for example, support for logon tickets might need to be configured on the server.


See 7.1 NWBC and Authentication and 7.3 Logon Tickets.

Until this problem has been resolved, and the error message is no longer displayed, you cannot connect NWBC to this system. Contact your system administrator to perform the necessary system configuration.