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Object documentationWarehouses - Setup: General Tab


Use this tab to specify general information regarding the warehouses your company uses.

To access this window, choose Start of the navigation path Administration Next navigation step Setup Next navigation step Inventory Next navigation step Warehouses End of the navigation path.

Warehouses ‑ Setup, General Tab

Select the checkbox to deactivate a warehouse.

Note Note

You can deactivate a warehouse only when the following conditions are met:

  • The total quantity of the items stored in this warehouse is zero.

  • The warehouse is not used in any open documents.

You can deselect the checkbox to activate a warehouse at any time.

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Specify the required location.


Select a branch to which you want to assign the warehouse.

Note Note

This field is available only if you have enabled multiple branches.

  • You can assign a warehouse to only one branch.

  • You cannot reassign a warehouse to another branch when it is used in any open document. You can reassign a warehouse to another branch only when it is used in closed documents.

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Drop Ship

Select this option to define the warehouse as a drop ship warehouse. Use this option when the company does not manage inventory, but receives commission for every order.

Note Note

  • Drop ship warehouses can be used for serial or batch items.

  • Drop ship warehouses cannot have bin locations enabled.

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Manage Serial Numbers and Batches

Visible only if you have selected the Drop Ship checkbox. Select the Manage Serial Numbers and Batches checkbox to manage serial and batch items with drop ship warehouses.

Note Note

  • For documents created before you select the Manage Serial Numbers and Batches checkbox, there are no serial or batch item links to these documents.

  • You can deselect this checkbox only when the quantity of the serial and batch items in this warehouse is zero.

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Enables the warehouse to be automatically involved in the MRP process. If you deselect this checkbox and also deselect the Drop Ship checkbox, you make this warehouse a non-nettable warehouse. When you are running the MRP wizard, by default the application does not select the non-nettable warehouses, but you can manually include a non-nettable warehouse into the MRP run.

Enable Bin Locations

Select this checkbox to enable bin locations for the warehouse.

After you enable bin locations for the warehouse, you need to record bin locations for all receipts and issues of inventory for the warehouse.

Note Note

Once you select this checkbox, a new Bin Locations tab is available where you can define the bin location related settings for the warehouse.

End of the note.
Address Fields

Enter the address of the warehouse.

GLN (Global Location Number)

Represents an address or business partner. This field is alphanumeric and 50 characters long.

Each company warehouse is assigned the GLN populated by default from the Company Details window. You can manually change the GLN, as required.

Show Location in Web Browser

Opens a Web browser and displays the warehouse's location in a Web map with the browser. For more information, see Working with Map Services.